Six Flags Magic Mountain- December 7th Park Update

West Coast Racers Update

The entire Cyclone Bay Area is now closed due to the upcoming 2019 attraction: West Coast Racers. The new area will be “LA Urban Centric” and offer new shops, restaurants, and dining areas.

Now that the year is coming to an end we should be seeing movement on the construction site very soon. All of the buildings and carnival games have been removed to make way for the first set of dual launches on the coaster.

Near the Cyclone 500 , landscaping has started and many trees have been removed. Bulldozers are on site to begin moving dirt and setting up the foundation for the new footer and supports that will tower over the race track.

It may not be the best shot from the inside of the West Coast Racers Preview center but this area is really starting to level out. We should see progress move rather quickly in the coming weeks.

Can’t wait until 2019? Six Flags Magic Mountain now has a West Coast Racers preview center that is open to the public.

The star of the new center is a preview of the design for the new trains . It is not to scale and will serve as the front design of the trains. I love that West Coast Customs has a hand in the design of the exterior of trains, these are going to look awesome on the new coaster.

The racing theme is truly going to breathe life into this area. The entire layout is on display in the center and gives premise to what can be expected from the newly themed area.

Merchandise is also available for purchase themed to the new attraction. We are truly excited for this addition to the park and will be back regularly for more construction updates.

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    1. We’re not sure! It may have been a temporary weekday closure. I’m sure they want to have as much running as possible for Holiday in the Park!

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