Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Uniqueness

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is a rather unique and different park in the Six Flags chain. SFDK is America’s only wildlife, marine life, and wild-rides amusement park. Anyone  who has visited this park knows how uniquely the park is set up. All the big rollercoasters are distributed over two big plazas, and the extreme flat-rides are spread through the park. Random stadiums are located throughout the park, and the zoo area and marine life area are located on the back side of the park next to the lake. The park has an amazing line-up of shows in which they work together with world class entertainment companies. Most of the shows are extremely educational and will teach rather that entertain you with animals performing tricks, but more on that later. The animals in both the habitats in the zoo, and in the walk-through or interaction exhibits are really well taken care off, and there seems to be an experienced and well trained staff that does so. 

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has the following shows in it’s line up;

  • Looney Tunes Dance Off (Show for children)
  • Odin’s Temple of the Tiger (Educational tiger demonstration)
  • Elephant Show (Educational and interactive elephant demonstration)
  • Drench! (Spectacular dolphin show based on modern music and is full of nonstop action)
  • Cirque Dreams Splashtatsic (Dolphin show that runs through the end of the summer with a partnership between SFDK and Cirque Dreams. This is truly a spectacular show, read our review here)
  • Jocko and Friends (Walrus training session open to the public.)
  • Birds of the World (Educational bird demonstration)
  • Pinnipeds of the Carribean (Fun, well entertaining sea lion show for all ages)
  • Wildlife Experience (A wildlife show where they do demonstrations with ordinary and not-so-ordinary animals. Very entertaining and interesting)

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has a couple of interactive attractions as well;

  • Seal Cove Feedings (feeding seals, $5=3 fish)
  • Elephant Rides (ride on the back of an elephant through the forest)
  • Giraffe Dock Feedings (in the zoo section of the park you can feed giraffes at certain time a day)
  • Lorikeet Feedings (feeding of lorikeets at the bird-stadium)

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has 3 additional interactive programs that have very limited availability;

  • Sea Lion Photos
  • Backstage Safari
  • Dolphin Feedings

(for reservation and participation you’ll have to visit the Explorer Outpost first)

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has continuous attractions next to their habitats;

  • Penguin Passage
  • Tiger Island
  • Cougar Rocks
  • Lions Lair
  • Stingray Bay
  • Shark Experience
  • Alligator Isle
  • Shark Descovery (special Shark Tour available on weekends only)
  • Butterfly Habitat (Butterfly Garden)
  • The Wild-Life trail (open for a couple of hours a day, it’s an off-path adventure tour through the backside of the park)

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