Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – July 18th 2018

Sean: We needed a day in the sun with a beer and some coasters after a long week at work, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom was the perfect solution. The park was lightly crowded with plenty of re-ride opportunities! Too bad that some major attractions at the park were closed. Read on for a trip report/ park update with Harley Quinn footage!

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I, Sean, had not been at the park for a few months. Life got busy, other parks around the country called my name, and I just didn’t make it to the north bay for a while. But here we were! No surprise of course was the new Six Flags Membership program was rolled out in full force at the Vallejo park as well. 

Upon arrival we were saddened with the news that my favorite flat ride at the park, Hammerhead Shark, was still closed. Voodoo hasn’t operated in a long time, so that wasn’t even on the sign, but other major attractions like V2 and Dare Devil were closed as well. Luckily the most important rides were open. 

The park’s dedication to their marine park feel is always appreciated. Still love the beautiful park entrance plaza. 

The SBNO V2: Vertical Velocity. It seems to be running in the off-season more than in the summer. 

Let’s head over to Oasis Plaza first! Home to the park’s Vekoma SLC Kong and B&M Floorless Coaster Medusa!

Dare Devil looked quite sad being closed, the little bench out front held the “this attraction is temporarily closed” sign. 

Half the ride vehicle was missing, the other half was stored below Medusa. The umbrella that was laying on the track was a sad sight. I like this ride, and am kind of surprised that it is not operating mid-July after only 3 seasons of operation. 

In addition part of the queue was gone. It all looked a bit odd. 

Then it was time for our favorite coaster that everyone seems to dislike. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s 1998 Vekoma SLC: Kong. it was only operating with one train, so we waited a bit for our first ride. Later in the day we had the chance to gloriously reride it. SLCs aren’t the smoothest, but they sure have an amazing layout and rush through the elements. You’ll find us at Kong every visit. 

Medusa was running amazing as usual, remaining to be one of our favorite floorless coasters around. It’s snappy, they removed all the trim brakes, and the Sea Serpent Roll is still the only one of its kind!

We always try to catch an animal show when we go to the park. This time we caught Drench! Unfortunately the quality of the show has really diminished over the years. Their used to be a lot more action, more than two dolphins at a time, and a beautiful stadium backdrop. I hope they reinvest in this show a little more soon. 

Tazmanian Devil was open and running great! It’s fun to see the park’s dedication to both Frisbee flat rides, especially since they offer such alternating experiences. It looks like the marquee logo is out for refurbishment!

The little accents on the ride structure are still there after all these years, and the classic Huss thrill ride is wedged nicely between the trees. When it’s operating I usually make a point of riding it!

Right next door is the last remaining Boomerang in the state, the trains look very faded and could use a refurbishment, but Boomerang has been operating consistently, which is always appreciated! Besides this model is still one of the most intense coasters out there. Always a good time. 

We were so pleased with the lack of crowds during our visit. We rode all operating coasters multiple times including a solid amount of flat rides and water rides. We’re partial to our Vekomas and Arrow coasters, so that meant for rerides on Boomerang. 

I am not always a person to get soaked, but it was nice and hot out, so we made a point of riding Monsoon Falls. The stellar RMC Hybrid Coaster (Joker) in the back was running incredibly well as well. 

Over at Joker and V2 (what I call the new DC Universe), the construction of the new Big Belly Burger is well underway. I am just waiting for V2 to become a DC Comics themed coaster now. :p

Also new here is the Coaster Candy Company. This candy store is something we see at most, if not all, Six Flags Parks now. The colors and logo are on point!

The new hotness Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster (listed on as an actual coaster) was delayed a bit but is opening late this month! The ride is a little loud but looks very fun. Of course with any prototype attraction delays are expected. Good news is that they were testing all day long. 

The ride fits in very nicely between the Go Karts and Superman: Ultimate Flight, the landscaping is pretty on point as well! 

White Water Safari closes a little earlier than the park, we managed to get on right before it closed and took a scenic sunset ride down the Intamin rapids flume. No better way to spend your evening than being absolutely soaked. 

And as we got off the ride, the empty boats returned to the lift to be stored for the night. I really enjoy this rapids ride, and it’s certainly not talked about as much. 

With White Water Safari closed it was time to try and dry off, night rides on Kong? We think so. 

Now I probably talk about Kong more than you had hoped for, but with great pictures and such a photogenic layout, I may as well.

The ride is certainly smoother than some other SLCs, the ride received a major retracking treatment in 2016, and overall its running great. If you haven’t been on the ride in a few years, I advise you check it out. 

On our way out we caught the park’s newest ride testing again, we’ll be at the park for the Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster media day next week, so make sure to follow along!

Thank you for checking out this Six Flags Discovery Kingdom report! Make sure to check out our Cinematic Celebration Report from Universal Orlando! Also new this week is the launch of our big project: The TOP 50 Coaster States We have ranked all 50 states based on their quality of coasters. Check it out!

We’re working on getting you a detailed new Six Flags Magic Mountain Update this weekend, so stay tuned!

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