Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – Return of the 4D theater?

unnamed (6)With The Joker on the horizon, one would think Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is set as far as additions to their already diverse lineup, but this seems as though it may not be the case.The park has strongly hinted at the return of the old 4D Theater. We think this could balance out their lineup in a few ways which we will talk about, as well as the specifics of the theater’s return and what the new attraction could have in store. 


First off, does it make sense from the park’s point of view to have this attraction reopen? Apparently so because of how strongly they have been teasing it, in fact with their recent posts on Twitter and Facebook, it’s a certainty. But let’s think about it for a minute. For those not in the know, The 4D theater was an attraction that used to operate at Discovery Kingdom but has more recently been used as essential storage space, as well as housing a maze during Fright Fest. The ride closed mainly because the ride was very expensive to maintain and operate and with increasing costs and decreasing interest, as well as the need for storage, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom closed the attraction. In the years since, it’s important to note that the park has moved their Orca Shouka to SeaWorld so she’d have companionship, and they’ve officially retired all their elephants. The park has also opened up year-round, meaning there’s been more steady attendance during the ‘off-season’. Their Holiday in the Park and Fright Fest events have gained increasing attention and popularity. This has, without doubt, left a spending gap where less money needs to be spend on animals, and more money could’ve rolled in. In addition, with the huge elephant facility, there’s a possibility they found storage space there. Combine the two and you’ve got an empty theater, and money to update the show to offer the best experience possible. Throw in a little bit of competition from California’s Great America’s new theater upgrade, and we all find ourselves soon experiencing the reopened and reimagined 4D theater at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  (Below see the first teaser post SFDK posted on their FB page). unnamed (6)

We feel that the return of the 4D Theater is very beneficial to the park as far as balance and variety in their attractions. Roar was essentially Discovery Kingdom’s only thrilling but family friendly ride, and it is currently in the process of being severely intensified. That leaves a major whole in their lineup, with not a lot as far as rides that a large age group can enjoy, or a thrilling ride for those who don’t care to go upside down. A 4D simulation Theater fills that gap quite nicely. In addition, it is unlike any attraction the park has. Although rides like Superman: Ultimate Flight have some nice theming, there is no ride at the park that is story driven. They all exist within in the physical world. A ride that relies more on immersion in a world is an important role to serve and really adds a dimension to what guests can experience (pun intended).unnamed (7)

(Picture above was their IG post, in which they stated: “Hold on tight, the new 3D projectors are in but did you know the new attraction will be 5D? #Iwerks #New) Well you ask, will the 4D Theater really return? Yes, we’re pretty much a 100% certain the theater is reopening, in fact the park has installed new projectors to modernize the theater and to show a new experience to guests. All there is really waiting for? Is officially receiving word on what the new experience will be named, when it’ll open, and what it’s themed to. iWerks has released a Pacific Rim 4D (5D) experience, and we know Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has installed iWerk projectors, so that rumor is very strong. We’ll have to see what it becomes, but one thing’s sure, we’re seeing the return of the 4D theater this season, which is a pleasure to all. Just be aware, besides the information Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has given on their social media, nothing has been officially released, these are our thoughts and expectations. 🙂

We’ll keep you posted once more official announcements have been made. For now, enjoy our new Joker Update. The other awesome addition this year!

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2 Replies to “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – Return of the 4D theater?”

  1. Extremely excited as this used to be an amazing ride!! It was so different and always extremely fun…I just really hope it isn’t pacific rim…I feel like it wouldn’t fit the park at all

  2. It is reopening, but is in testing phase right now. My family checked it out yesterday and it looks very promising. I am sure the full experience will be awesome once the outside of the building that houses the theater is decorated with Pacific Rim themed props, and the ride operators are in character.

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