Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Holiday in the Park

It was the time a year, in which Six Flags Discovery Kingdom held their annual Holiday in the Park!

The entire park was nicely decorated, and the park had a lot of props this year! Almost the entire park was decorated as a matter of fact, except for the zoo section, since that closes earlier. We don’t have pictures of it, but the park even had their very own snow hill, where guests could sleigh down the hill, and play with snow on top of the hill as well. 20140101_112043 20140101_11203620140101_103248 20140101_103146 20140101_103144

The park had lots of family friendly activities too, the top of snow hill, was connected with the area behind Toyota Stadium, and you could decorate cookies, visit ‘Santa’s Workshop’, or take a picture in the well-known Snow Globe!20140101_121453 20140101_121442

Between the Kong entrance, and Medusa exit, there were many Christmas trees setup, they were of course nicely lit up at night. 20140101_164543 20140101_174306

Of course the park had a wonderful Christmas tree at the entrance plaza, as well as an entire hill full of small ones that leads up to Boomerang Coast to Coaster and Tasmanian Devil. 20140101_174736 20140101_174533

The entrance plaza overall was nicely decorated, with the buildings out lined with lights, the path to the Roar Plaza, where the candy canes were to be found, had many beautiful lights too. 20140101_174802 20140101_174715

Other than that, the lift-hills of both Kong and Medusa had special holiday-lights decorations, and the Drench! Dolphin show had a Holiday theme to it. 20140101_174428 20140101_124123

That was it for this year, read our Tsunami Soaker construction update here, and sorry for the lack of pictures of certain areas, we had to leave right after it got dark, and we had to ride Medusa, which is a long story… read that long, but yet entertaining and interesting story in our trip report here.

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