SFDK ‘Ride Transformations’ Fright Fest 2013

An amazing thing about Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Fright Fest is that they have their top rides themed as well, in a special Halloween related theme. Below you’ll find the roller coasters, and what they will be transformed into. To see the SFDK Mazes and Scare Zones, click here. To see the show line-up for FF2013, click here.

  1.  Boomerang Coast to Terror – ‘The greatest scientific minds in San Francisco have gone mad trying to understand the deadly and befuddling mystery hidden deep within one of the most scariest and brain melting attractions in the world.’
  2. Vertical Velocity Rodent Attack – ‘A failed park lab experiment has resulted in thousands of cuddly white rats developing an insatiable taste for human flesh (especially teens).’
  3. Cobra Monster Mine – ‘Cobra sits on land that used to be one of the most profitable gold and silver mines in California until a terrible incident that caused hundreds of men to disappear. The old track has been closed for years, but we’re pleased to reopen it to celebrate the 100th anniversary!’
  4. Lost Souls of Kong – ‘Kong may be one of the most celebrated steel coasters in the world, but it is also the premier residence in the park for angry, disillusioned spirits whose only joy in death is tormenting riders in the most painful ways imaginable.’ (This is an interesting theme, since this SLC is also know for head-bangy-ness, and pain. Although it is one of the better SLCs, and we LOVE Kong!)
  5. The Medusa Witch – ‘Beneath Medusa lies the remains of a witch who destroyed a thriving town and left a terrible curse for anyone who dares to set foot on the property.’


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