Seaworld’s Coasters!

Seaworld San Diego has the least coasters of all the Seaworld parks in the US, this doesn’t mean the 2 coaster that they have aren’t unique. The first coaster opened in 2004, Journey to Atlantis, and the second one opened in the spring of 2012. 

Both coasters are Mack coasters, Journey to Atlantis is a Mack water-coaster with a unique lift system halfway through the ride. When riders are positioned in the boat-like ride vehicles they get dragged up the lift-hill, this is followed by a little roller-coaster track pre-drop, and they will then enter one of the 2 big towers where the track becomes a flume, and the ride vehicles drop down for the first splash. After the splash riders will enjoy some of the scenery before entering the second tower o the bottom. Once they enter the tower they will be accompanied with another ride vehicle, the doors will close, and a screen will make it seem as they are in Atlantis with sea creatures surrounding them. Then all the sudden the ride lift system pulls the 2 vehicles to the top height of the ride, and the roller-coaster section of the ride starts, 1 vehicle at a time will go down the roller-coaster track. Once the relatively short roller-coaster section comes to an end, the vehicles will splash in the water, where after riders will enjoy some of the scenery again before returning to the station. Journey to Atlantis used to also house dolphins, they have been replaced by Mantas. Journey to Atlantis has a height of 95ft, a max.d drop of 60ft, has a max. speed of 42 MPH, and has a ride duration of a stunning 5 minutes!



As we move on to the newest addition to the park’s line-up, we have a multi-launch coaster by Mack that has similar trains to the ones on Bluefire in Europa Park. Manta has an interactive waiting-line that goes through Manta aquariums and touch-pools. Once riders are seated, the train will roll into a tunnel where projection will make it look like riders are in the under water world, without notice the train will launch of this tunnel at a speed of 43 MPH. The coaster is terrain hugging so there are lots of quick movements and little pops of airtime before slowing down in the middle of the ride After you slowdown the train will once again launch up-to a 43 MPH, and riders will do some last fan-favorite movements before returning to the station. Manta has a ride-length of 2,800 ft, a max. height of 30 ft, a max. drop of 54 ft, which goes in the ground and has a splash effect. Manta also pulls a surprising 4 G’s over the 2 minute ride duration.



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