SeaWorld San Diego Update for October 5th 2014

Now we have a correspondent working with us for the San Diego area, Aiden, we are able to frequently offer SeaWorld San Diego updates. Here’s his first work with, the Update from October 5th.

Aiden went to Sea World San Diego on Sunday to check out the new Halloween
Spooktaular going on. The Sky Tower was closed all day. He
arrived in the late afternoon, the park wasn’t very crowded.

DSCN0013 (Large)

After parking, it was apparent that Journey to Atlantis had broken down, as none of the boats had passengers.

DSCN0004 (Large) DSCN0005 (Large)

‘I noticed when entering the park that they have kept their brand
new entrance area clean…’

DSCN0006 (Large) DSCN0008 (Large)

Something else that caught his eye (that can be seen in the previous
picture), was that the cleaner fish interactive exhibit had construction
walls around it…

DSCN0009 (Large) DSCN0012 (Large)

The lack of Halloween decorations this year is very strange… There were
hardly any around the ENTIRE park, and the little they did have this year doesn’t even slightly compare to some of the decor in the parks up north. Moving further in
the park, it looks like construction has not yet started on the new Blue World next to Shamu Stadium…

DSCN0015 (Large)

From what Aiden was able to see under the walls and around the stadium, not even
materials have arrived yet. ‘Peeking under the wall, I could only see
filters and tanks.’

DSCN0023 (Large) DSCN0020 (Large)

Some new displays have popped up around Shamu Stadium showing off the HUGE
conservation and rescue effort run by the Sea World group.

DSCN0026 (Large)

There was also a construction wall near the ShipWreck Reef Cafe, and it must be something at least permanent for the need of an excavator.DSCN0025 (Large)

After passing Shipwreck Rapids which was
functioning, he continued through the park.

DSCN0030 (Large)

‘Continuing the loop around the park, I came across Manta, which also experiences technical difficulties.’

DSCN0049 (Large)

Notice the Penguin Encounter, which is rumored to be Sea World’s next
project after the Blue World Project.

DSCN0080 (Large)

On his way over to Wild Arctic, he passed one of the trick or treating
stations, which is part of their Halloween Spooktacular. The idea is, you
grab a bag and roam around the park recieving candy from each of about 10
stations. Something we really like!

DSCN0081 (Large) DSCN0059 (Large)

Rather than having Halloween decorations, SeaWorld seems to have skipped that this year, and moved right along to their far more popular Holiday season events.

DSCN0083 (Large)

Journey to Atlantis was back up and running. For how often
both of the park’s MACK coasters break down, Sea Worlds mechanics always do
a great job in getting them back up in around 20 minutes. Something crucial for large crowds but small amounts of rides.

DSCN0086 (Large)

Heading back towards the park entrance, there is a small Halloween area
adjacent to Cafe 64. It was complete with decorations, a DJ, and, of
course, CANDY! YAY! SeaWorld didn’t completely skip Halloween this year! 😀IMG_2343 (Large)

Last, but definitely not least, there are several new sign posts around the
park for the 50th anniversary celebration, that listed some interesting
facts about the parks history, he only got a few, but more will come your way soon.IMG_2344 (Large) IMG_2345 (Large) IMG_2360 (Large)
DSCN0018 (Large) DSCN0019 (Large)

That’s all for this update!

Thanks Aiden for visiting SeaWorld as part of California Coaster Kings!

3 Replies to “SeaWorld San Diego Update for October 5th 2014”

  1. I went to Seaworld in April, and like you said, a lot of the rides broke down. Manta broke down twice, journey to Atlantis once, and wild article once. And I was on the ride or in line for all of these.

  2. SeaWorld hasn’t even filed the building permits with the CA Coastal Commission yet and I highly doubt it will be approved 🙁

    1. I wasn’t aware of that. Interesting, thanks for sharing. This can indeed be a problem, since they can’t do anything without the permits. I know 2018 is far away, but for a project of this size, waiting for approval can be devastating.

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