ROAR Ride Review

Roar is a very interesting woodie located in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. It may be called revolutionary, because it was the first ride to use Millennium Flyer Trains, and could thus make sudden and quick turns!


When riders approach the giant looking woodie, they enter the Roar Plaza. Roar Plaza has a flat-ride, Superman Ultimate Flight, V2, and an interactive dolphin pool. When riders come closer to the ride, they get reminded why it’s called the Roar Plaza, as all buildings seen have the same roofing and style as Roar does. Once you’ll get even closer to the ride, the rickety sound of the woodie make you want to ride, and the sign ‘Roar- You’ll never hear the end of it’ matches every thing going on.


Riders will now enter the line which is out on the plaza, and is a little alternative due to the space available. The lines for Roar may seem long, but are relatively short when the park operates 2 trains. The line is being held under the station, and a Flash-Pass employee will let little groups walk up to the station. Once in the station, it won’t take long before you’ll get to board the Millennium Flyer trains, and be on your way. Just like almost every other ride at SFDK you are not allowed to put any loose articles on the side besides your souvenir cup. Once you buckled your seat-belt, and the restraints have been checked, the operators will do their quadruple ‘visual scan’ and you’re off!


Roar will leave the station and slither a little from side to side before reaching the lift-hill. Once the train has climbed the 95 ft. lift-hill, it will drop riders 85 ft, while twisting to the right. The train will then fly up, and deliver some nice airtime to the front few cars. It will then dive down again, towards the left this time. Riders will then experience a little airtime when the train goes over a hill, this hill is followed by a banked turn that then dives down into the lumber. The train will make some wild turns, and enter a tunnel, the tunnel is open from the sides, but seems like real head-choppers and riders will hesitate to raise their hands. After that you’ll spiral around the outside of the banked turn. You’ll then experience some little hops before running into the final brake run. You’ll then return to the station. Once you’ve exited you can see, and of course, purchase your on-ride photo.


Roar is getting a little rougher over the years, but if you ride Roar in the summer, or spring this shouldn’t be a problem. Roar is only operating one train in the winter and gets pretty rough. Lines for Roar are really not too bad, but this counts for all roller coasters at SFDK. As long as each ride operates to it’s full capacity, lines at SFDK to do not really exceed 30-40 minutes. Roar is the perfect example of lines, the line normally doesn’t get much longer than 20 minutes. The lines are short in the morning, from opening ’til about noon. From then on, ’til about 5 lines can get the longest, and after that it’s almost a hop-on.


Check this ride out when you love woodies! There are better ones out there, but also ones that are way worse. Due to the millennium flyer trains, the ride has lots of elements, has a nice length of 3,291 ft, and reaches speeds of 51 MPH.


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