Quicksilver Express @ Gilroy Gardens

A park often forgotten about with all the CA Theme Parks is Gilroy Gardens. Gilroy Gardens actually has a very unique coaster! Quicksilver Express that is!


Quicksilver Express is the world’s only Mine Train coaster made by Morgan. Quicksilver Express opened in the Gilroy theme-park in 2001, and was one of the last Morgan rides to be built. It’s a long ride, for a Mine Train Coaster, and has a track-length of 3,787 ft. QE is 60 ft. tall, and reaches speeds up to 38 MPH. The ride time is surprisingly short, with only 1 minute and 35 seconds.

Quicksilver Express has 2 trains, which fit 30 passengers each, which creates a capacity of approx. 1,400 riders per hour. The trains are similar to the Arrow Mine Train Coaster trains, with 5 cars of 3 rows each.

Quicksilver Express roller coaster QE has 2 lift-hills, and is built on a hill, offering a nice view of nature, as well as the gardens of the park it resides in, Gilroy Gardens. QE has the following height requirements; Riders must be at least 42 inches tall with an adult or 48 inches to ride alone.

Quicksilver Express is a very interesting, and often underrated, Mine Train coaster, that is actually pretty unknown, although it is faster than Gold Rusher at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and is unique due to the fact it’s the only Morgan Mine Train! So next time you are up in Northern CA to do some parks, why not check out Gilroy Gardens, and ride QE!


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