Quick Park Update for Six Flags Magic Mountain 8/6/13

California Coaster Kings went to Six Flags Magic Mountain to check it out again. We were there for a pretty short period of time, so we couldn’t cover the entire park. We got most though!

As soon as we arrived (5PM), we noticed that the Full Throttle line was LONG, but then we took a closer look, and the new switchback system made the line look longer, but a whole lot shorter. Also, until around 8PM, the park stopped the line under the screen, and had smaller groups of people walking up the ramp to the station. We honestly believe that’s a very good idea! Now the screen and canvas come to good use, even if there are shorter lines!20130806_170621

We then went to Batman: The Ride to shoot our Off-Ride video which will be published Wednesday or Thursday, and we stumbled upon the sign no one likes to see… Batman was only operating one train, resulting in 2 hour lines.


Sorry for the sun, but I hope that this still shows how all the switchbacks were full, and the line even overflowed to where the vending machines are! 20130806_175425

Full Throttle’s loop wasn’t beautifully lit up as we hoped, but it was still a good ride of course!


The new Full Throttle switchbacks are made out of these chains. Allowing the park to just stick them into place and connect them based on the crowds! Really nice! The park could also take these out and use the canvas structure with screen for a media event, or picnic, etc…

20130806_205303 20130806_205310 I don’t think the picture below is able to show what it was suppose to, but on top of the old Log Jammer pump cabin, a 3D Full Throttle sign has been placed! Look for it next time you’re there!20130806_211150

We know this was kind of short, but we’ll try to do another short one later this week!

If there is ANYTHING we missed please let us know!


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