Park Update for Six Flags Magic Mountain on 7/31/13

California Coaster Kings was at Six Flags Magic Mountain to do their first (of many) regular park updates. In the future California Coaster Kings will visit Six Flags Magic Mountain weekly to give you up-to-date information of what’s going on at ‘The Thrill Capital of the World’!

We noticed last week that Full Throttle Plaza’s lasers got nice weather proof bubbles around them. We hope that this means that the Full Throttle Plaza will also be lit up nice during the off-season. We noticed that Live It Up by Airbourne is being played in the plaza now too. We expect this plaza to be fully used for Fright Fest, during that time of the year weather can be pretty unpredictable. It seems like the lasers are in fact permanent! ResizedImage_1375327772557

Scream! was of course running one train, like it had done all season so far. As many of you might know, one of the other trains has been taken off the transfer track. Also the cameras have been taken out, and there is no longer an on-ride photo service. The entire area Scream! resides in seems to be ready for a BIG update. So we hope that Aug. 29th (Six Flags 2014 Announcements) will bring good news for Scream!


The park has also updated their in-park directory signs, which point in the directions of the ride locations, and has now added Full Throttle to all of them. Here are 2 pictures as examples. 20130731_140214 20130731_105320

Roaring Rapids was closed for the day, and the entire ride got drained. When we were in the Sky Tower, we noticed the maintenance staff cleaning out the entire ride so that they can start operating the ride again soon.

20130731_141810 ResizedImage_1375327722190

Also California Coaster Kings saw that the Riddler’s train has come back. We noticed it last Thursday but couldn’t take a picture. This is one of Riddler’s Revenge’s 3 trains, and this particular one that repainted and shipped to SFGAdv to help reach maximum capacity with their recycled Green Lantern Stand-Up coaster. The train was sent to GL for it’s opening in 2011 and has returned to be operating on Riddler’s Revenge during the off-season. Lines could get really long during the past 2 off-seasons since RR only ran 1 train because of the other one being refurbished for the summer.



That was about it for today. Bigger and better updates will come to our website in the future. If there is anything we missed out on, didn’t notice and/or mention, please leave a comment!

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