SFMM Park Update 9/22/13

We went to SFMM today, and kind of forgot that it was a “free-friend’ day. So it ended up being really crowded! Also, X2 was still closed, and is not expected to re-open any time soon, and Goliath closed in the middle of the day for some reason. We expect that they were testing the refurbished train as we saw empty trains running, but an empty line on a crowded day. 

Other than that, this is what else we saw;

Scream, running 2 trains, and seriously fast operations, had this line. When we got back later it started forming uphill towards Colossus’ entrance.


Speaking of Colossus; the entire line, including those switchbacks all the way in the back were full.


And of course, the over flow parking lot was used, and we decided to take a stroll and explore it a little… yeah, other than the view (which is spectacular, honestly), there wasn’t much to see.


Chupacabra is ready to go!


The Full Throttle dancers were there all day, so was Velocity, the band that performs every weekend. Notice the Fright Fest props that were placed.


The props that usually reside under Superman yearly, have been placed for Fright Fest.


Look at that crowded parking lot around 1 PM

20130922_140549 20130922_142700

Maybe not the best decorations in town, but FLAGS is ready for Fright Fest too!


Some red carpet was rolled out, seems to happen a lot with “bring-a-friend” tickets.


Also, the decorations for FF are up at the entrance, where Demon’s Door will be located!


Special Saturday–Belmont Park

Belmont Park in San Diego, California is a state landmark.  Even though it only has one coaster, and at its maximum only held three, it remains to be one of California’s most famous boardwalks.  The park houses a wide variety of rides and many other attractions, including a flow rider, a miniature golf course, and a laser tag complex.  The ride formerly held both a wooden kiddie coaster and a wooden wild mouse coaster, but both closed in the late 70’s.  The following is a list of the multiple thrill rides they have in the park.  The park also features a bumper car ride, a kiddie bouncing tower, a tilt a whirl, and a carrousel.

Big Dipper: The parks iconic attraction that is one of California’s original coasters alongside Big Dipper in Santa Cruz, that was restored in 1990 so riders could enjoy all of the rides drops, turns, and straightaways at optimum performance.


Beach Blaster: A ride similar to Knott’s Berry Farm’s La Revalucion, which swings riders up 60 ft in the air at a 120 degree angle in both directions.


Control Freak: A ride in which the rider controls when his car goes up, down, and upside down.


Octotron: Another rider controlled ride in which the ride goes along a track as the rider controls how fast and which way their car goes which is the first and only of its kind in California.



Throwback Thursday–Adventure Through Inner Space

Although Adventure Though Inner Space closed almost 30 years ago, it continues to be regarded as fan favorite for anyone who go to ride it.  The ride opened in 1967 and closed in 1985, and stood where Star Tours stands today.  The rides basis was that you were being shrunk down to a size smaller than an atom, known as the inner space.  From the line, riders could be viewed entering the Monsanto  Mighty Microscope on one side, and could be viewed through a tube exiting in miniature form.  Riders enter their “atom mobiles” and are greeted by the voice of a scientist who claims to be the first to take the adventure into inner space, and that due to how small riders would be shrinking, they could only communicate through his thought waves (the voice).  Riders entered the microscope and began to shake back and forth.  Once their vision returns, they see giant snowflakes, which continue to grow as the riders “shrink”, until they can see the entire crystalline structure of it completely covering their frame of vision.  Riders then head straight for the snowflake, but instead of crashing into it, they go right through the lattice structure.  As riders continue to shrink, the water molecules begin to appear, vibrating in a fixed position.  They appear to look like mickey mouse ears, which are believed to be the idea behind hidden mickeys.  Next riders approach to enter one of the oxygen atoms in the water molecule, to be greeted by a strobe effect that are described by the scientist as the electrons of the atom.  The riders finally see the nucleus of the atom, discovering what the scientist calls the center of the infinite universe inside a snowflake.  Upon exiting the atom, riders see the mickey shaped molecules swirling rapidly, and are told by the panicked voice of the scientist that tells them that the snowflake is melting.  Luckily, the atoms get smaller and smaller, and the scientists informs you that you are returning to normal size, as you can see his eye examining you from the other end of the microscope, thus marking the completion of the ride.  Although this ride may seem like a snoozer by today’s standards, it still remains a favorite of many Disneyland veterans.  We would love to hear if one of you ever got to experience this ride and what you thought, so please leave us a comment.


GhostRider Ride Review

For this ride review, we’re looking at the longest woodie in CA, and one of the longest woodies in the world. GHOSTRIDER


When riders approach GhostRider, they will enter an engraved rock, saying ‘Ghostrider’, and will walk through a small ‘mine’. Riders will then walk up to the station, and will pass by the beginning of the ride. Right before entering the station riders will pass by a medium set of switchbacks. This is very most likely not used too often, because when you enter the building there is another big set of switchbacks, which hardly ever gets touched too. Riders will go up the stairs, and figure out why these first two switchbacks weren’t filled. There is an enormous set of switchbacks on the top level/ station as well. This might get filled up entirely at times, but the other 2 switchbacks + line are a little too much. X2’s 3-4 hour line will hardly fill up those switchbacks! 


Once you are up in the station and you’ve waited through the switchbacks, you’ll get split up in 3; the front cars, middle cars, and back cars. We advise you to ride in the middle for the most comfortable ride. Once you’ve buckled your seat-belt and closed your restraint the ride ops will do a safety check and the train leaves the station.


The train with riders will have a ‘drop’ ride out of the station and will turn to approach the lift-hill. The lift-hill is 118 ft tall, and is followed by a covered drop of 108 ft. From this point on the ride is pretty much non-stop racing over the 4,533 ft track. There is a little brake halfway through the ride that is followed by another drop that offers some nice airtime and has a nice speed all the way back to the station. The ride offers lots of airtime, and different mixes of G’s but it is no longer smooth. It opened as a smooth, ‘must-do’, but the ride leaves riders soar nowadays. It’s still a nice and lengthy ride, which is really nice, but we’d understand that people wouldn’t wait long for it.


Therefore the lines are never too long anymore, and the first and second switchbacks aren’t needed The lines get about 20 minutes long, and maybe more or less depending on what time of the day you decide to ride. Lines are hard to estimate for Ghost Rider, since it is close to the entrance, doesn’t have many other rides close to it, and is very popular at night, because all the handrails are lit up gold.


It is definitely a ride that you’d want to have ridden, but when lines are long, consider coming back later on in the day. The ride is good because it’s so lengthy, reaches speeds of 56 MPH, and has a maximum drop-angle of 51′ degrees. The entire ride takes about 2 minutes and 40 seconds!

Uncreated Disney

Disneyland has been the place where dreams come true since it opened in 1955.  Although the park has changed since it opened more than fifty years ago, it remains to be one of California’s family favorite parks.  Although Walt Disney passed away his wonderful ideas lived on and were created by the Disney Imagineers.  Although Disney could be claimed to be perfect by many, many people don’t know how many of those wonderful ideas were though up and never created.  The following is a list of Disneyland attractions never created, and we’d love to hear your feedback of your favorites. Continue reading “Uncreated Disney”

Universal Studios Hollywood Future Plans

USH is planning on demolishing half of the park, and flattening out the top lot for Harry Potter expansion. The Simpsons-Springfield area will be enlarged and will be a deluxe version of the one in Florida. For more future info please check out the clip below explaining it all. *These plans are not confirmed and are considered rumors.

ROAR Ride Review

Roar is a very interesting woodie located in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. It may be called revolutionary, because it was the first ride to use Millennium Flyer Trains, and could thus make sudden and quick turns!


When riders approach the giant looking woodie, they enter the Roar Plaza. Roar Plaza has a flat-ride, Superman Ultimate Flight, V2, and an interactive dolphin pool. When riders come closer to the ride, they get reminded why it’s called the Roar Plaza, as all buildings seen have the same roofing and style as Roar does. Once you’ll get even closer to the ride, the rickety sound of the woodie make you want to ride, and the sign ‘Roar- You’ll never hear the end of it’ matches every thing going on.


Riders will now enter the line which is out on the plaza, and is a little alternative due to the space available. The lines for Roar may seem long, but are relatively short when the park operates 2 trains. The line is being held under the station, and a Flash-Pass employee will let little groups walk up to the station. Once in the station, it won’t take long before you’ll get to board the Millennium Flyer trains, and be on your way. Just like almost every other ride at SFDK you are not allowed to put any loose articles on the side besides your souvenir cup. Once you buckled your seat-belt, and the restraints have been checked, the operators will do their quadruple ‘visual scan’ and you’re off!


Roar will leave the station and slither a little from side to side before reaching the lift-hill. Once the train has climbed the 95 ft. lift-hill, it will drop riders 85 ft, while twisting to the right. The train will then fly up, and deliver some nice airtime to the front few cars. It will then dive down again, towards the left this time. Riders will then experience a little airtime when the train goes over a hill, this hill is followed by a banked turn that then dives down into the lumber. The train will make some wild turns, and enter a tunnel, the tunnel is open from the sides, but seems like real head-choppers and riders will hesitate to raise their hands. After that you’ll spiral around the outside of the banked turn. You’ll then experience some little hops before running into the final brake run. You’ll then return to the station. Once you’ve exited you can see, and of course, purchase your on-ride photo.


Roar is getting a little rougher over the years, but if you ride Roar in the summer, or spring this shouldn’t be a problem. Roar is only operating one train in the winter and gets pretty rough. Lines for Roar are really not too bad, but this counts for all roller coasters at SFDK. As long as each ride operates to it’s full capacity, lines at SFDK to do not really exceed 30-40 minutes. Roar is the perfect example of lines, the line normally doesn’t get much longer than 20 minutes. The lines are short in the morning, from opening ’til about noon. From then on, ’til about 5 lines can get the longest, and after that it’s almost a hop-on.


Check this ride out when you love woodies! There are better ones out there, but also ones that are way worse. Due to the millennium flyer trains, the ride has lots of elements, has a nice length of 3,291 ft, and reaches speeds of 51 MPH.


SFMM Update 9/15/13

Apparently another busy week at Six Flags Magic Mountain! Here’s our update from today the 15th of September! 

Full Throttle FINALLY received a cool sign! Next up; STATION ROOFING 😀


After almost a year of one-train operations, Scream! has finally started operating 2 trains again! The refurbished train looks REALLY neat! (ALSO, Tatsu started using the refurbished train!)

20130915_134948 20130915_135045

Fright Fest is showing up everywhere!


They were demolishing Slaughter House, and placing the new Weepy Hills INSANEtorium!


Cursed seems to be finished up!


The Aftermath Maze, and Scare Zone seems to be ready too!

20130915_140624 20130915_140631 20130915_140638 20130915_140656 20130915_140702 20130915_140709

All the spider webs have been placed for Black Widow!

20130915_141100 20130915_141107 20130915_141111 20130915_141203

And just when we all thought Apocalypse was back to (oh well, 1 train) operations, they had to close it down again. Hard to see, but there was someone from maintenance working on the tracks, just between the transfer-track and the station.


Signs started to pop up too! Nice operating hours this year!


The ‘Nightmare’ Scare Zone is finished too!

20130915_160034 20130915_160047 20130915_160116



Some nice fog-machine covers have been standing under this billboard for a week and a half or so…



The Maze-wristband counters have returned in front of FLAGS!

20130915_171238 20130915_171242


Last, but not least, FLAGS has received new lights, the purple bulbs are surrounding the entire building!

20130915_170608 20130915_170556

Special Saturday – Dapper Day 2013!

A friend of ours is a big Disney fan, and is a Disneyland Resort pass holder. She went to Dapper Day 2013 at the Disney Land Resort, and offered to write a little review on it! 

Dapper Day at Disney

Dapper: neat and trim in appearance; very spruce and stylish.

Dapper Day at Disneyland, September 6th, 2013, was indeed very stylish and quite dapper.  It didn’t draw a crowd to the usual summer rush, but just enough to get on and off rides within a 30 minute wait!  This public event was so amazing, people everywhere were clothed in head to toe suits and lovely dresses, from the 20’s era, to the late 50’s.  The park itself is even dressed for the occasion!  Disneyland has in itself, old-timey buildings- the perfect setting to take vintage-like photos.  Plus, California Adventure’s entrance is based on the hay-day of Hollywood, so looking the part of an old-time Californian was just the icing on the cake.  Seeing others dresses this way as well, really puts you through time, it did feel like I had traveled back in time, without the help of a Delorian, or TAR-DIS.


Seeing, and being a part of Dapper Day is an experience I’m happy to be a part of, and hope to do this again next year in February.  The people were extremely friendly, and looking pretty neat too! If given the opportunity to be a part of this amazing event, don’t pass it up!


For more information about dapper day, visit Dapperday.com.

– Jenna Lui 


NEW Additional Scare Zones for SFDK’s 2013 FF

We have just been informed by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, that there will be 2 additional Scare Zones!

The Scare Zones next to Bloodbath Bayou, and Cirkus Bezerkus, will be;

  1. Mt. Rotting Cemetery
    Are there truly the living dead on the cemetery grounds? The only way to find out is to visit this dilapidated cemetery, where there are more dead than living.
  2. Arachnid Alley                                                                                                       Everyone’s worst nightmare comes in the form of a round body with eight legs, never mind the size – or in this case, size matters.

BOTH are NEW scare zones!

Throwback Thursday #11 Log Jammer

For this Throwback Thursday we’ll be looking at a ride that is missed A LOT, Log Jammer.


Log Jammer used to be one of the most popular rides at SFMM, it was great for the heat, and it was a long log flume through nature, with good variety of elements, basically everyone loved Log Jammer. But, in the winter of 2011/2012 the ride stood there with out a sign of it being closed, but then, right before it normally re-opened, a sign appeared saying it was closed for ‘future enjoyment’. No one knew what was happening at this point ’til they started to demolish the ride halfway through the 2012 season. It wasn’t ’til August of 2012 that the park had officially given a reason for the ride to have been demolished. They announced the record breaker Full Throttle to be placed in the former spot of Log Jammer for the 2013 Season. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday #11 Log Jammer”

SFDK ‘Ride Transformations’ Fright Fest 2013

An amazing thing about Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Fright Fest is that they have their top rides themed as well, in a special Halloween related theme. Below you’ll find the roller coasters, and what they will be transformed into. To see the SFDK Mazes and Scare Zones, click here. To see the show line-up for FF2013, click here.

  1.  Boomerang Coast to Terror – ‘The greatest scientific minds in San Francisco have gone mad trying to understand the deadly and befuddling mystery hidden deep within one of the most scariest and brain melting attractions in the world.’
  2. Vertical Velocity Rodent Attack – ‘A failed park lab experiment has resulted in thousands of cuddly white rats developing an insatiable taste for human flesh (especially teens).’
  3. Cobra Monster Mine – ‘Cobra sits on land that used to be one of the most profitable gold and silver mines in California until a terrible incident that caused hundreds of men to disappear. The old track has been closed for years, but we’re pleased to reopen it to celebrate the 100th anniversary!’
  4. Lost Souls of Kong – ‘Kong may be one of the most celebrated steel coasters in the world, but it is also the premier residence in the park for angry, disillusioned spirits whose only joy in death is tormenting riders in the most painful ways imaginable.’ (This is an interesting theme, since this SLC is also know for head-bangy-ness, and pain. Although it is one of the better SLCs, and we LOVE Kong!)
  5. The Medusa Witch – ‘Beneath Medusa lies the remains of a witch who destroyed a thriving town and left a terrible curse for anyone who dares to set foot on the property.’


SFDK Mazes for FF2013

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will have 7 Mazes, and 2 Scare Zones. 

The 2 Scare Zones are;

–  Cirkus Berzerkus – ‘Pay a visit to this chaotic zone where murderous clowns run rampant in the moonlight. Praying on the darkest fears of its victims, the clowns always know where they can find you.’

– Bloodbath Bayou – ‘What lays beneath the Discovery Kingdom waters is far from a tranquil lagoon. Instead what awaits are monstrous crocodiles, decaying zombies, scaly beasts and other unexpected inhabitants that want nothing more than to satisfy their appetite for fresh blood.’

The 7 Mazes are;


Massacre Mine – ‘Explore an abandoned Gold Rush mine in search of gold, but be careful because terror lurks around every corner of this decrepit mine aptly dubbed “Massacre Mine.” Hundreds have died in this mine during their search for wealth and fortune, and rumors have it that the wicked spirits of the outlaws and miners now haunt the mine, determined to protect their unclaimed riches no matter the cost.’

Slaughter House Pig Farms – ‘Come visit the Slaughterhouse Pig Farm — a formerly condemned; family owned pork-processing plant where human flesh is served to unsuspecting customers. The slaughterhouse has reopened but the mystery meat remains just that — a mystery.’

Captain Bloat’s Shipwreck – ‘The remnants of a 200-year-old shipwreck still rests on the bottom floor of the Pacific Ocean just outside Vallejo. Supposedly guarded by the ghost of an evil pirate, Captain Bloat, the treasure on board has never been recovered. Captain Bloat’s crew of live sharks swim alongside the cavernous chambers ensuring no man gets close enough to examine the ruin.’

The Last Ride – ‘Dare to experience the sensation of being buried alive. Those brave enough to attempt the unthinkable will be treated to an earth-shattering peek into the life that follows death.’

Nightmare Manor – ‘After Nicholas Nightmare’s untimely death, his eccentric twin daughters were left to fend for themselves. Living alone in this 13-room manor on the Discovery Kingdom lot, the girls eventually went insane. Park guests who dare venture into the dark, Gothic setting must face madness and mind games when the clock strikes :13.’

Scrapyard of the Dead – ‘The workers of this ominous yet raucous junkyard are dead, but they don’t actually know it. They just wander the grounds adding to their stockpile of scraps and debris. Behind the deafening heavy metal music, these living dead are getting ready to pounce on whoever gets in their way.’

Total Darkness – ‘The construction of an advanced transportation system has veiled the world into darkness. Now your mind must find your way as you wind around with no light to guide you. Scream if you must, and hold on to those you think you can trust.’  — This will be the park’s NEW maze this year, similar to Blackout (NOW total darkness) at SFMM.