Mooseburger Lodge — Full Throttle Sports Bar

The Mooseburger Lodge will likely turn into a Full Throttle themed sports bar! Several people have been told this. The restaurant is currently under construction, and will reopen , perhaps re-themed as a sports bar in either March or April. The park seems to be taking a distance from the previous ‘High Sierra Territory’ theme, and it wouldn’t surprise us if the park will soon transform the entire area into some sort of theme that will bring more attention to both Full Throttle and Bugs Bunny World.20140103_135545 20140103_135612

It seems that this one tree, will not be part of the new sports bar, and will be scrapped. 20140103_135608

The park made nice signs that they’d put on the doors of the restaurant. Showing all guests that it will not reopen ’til the renovations have been finished. 20140103_135623

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Holiday in the Park

It was the time a year, in which Six Flags Discovery Kingdom held their annual Holiday in the Park!

The entire park was nicely decorated, and the park had a lot of props this year! Almost the entire park was decorated as a matter of fact, except for the zoo section, since that closes earlier. We don’t have pictures of it, but the park even had their very own snow hill, where guests could sleigh down the hill, and play with snow on top of the hill as well. 20140101_112043 Continue reading “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Holiday in the Park”

Tsunami Soaker Construction Update

Tsunami Soaker construction has started at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! For a description of the ride and more info first, click here

Below you’ll see some pictures of the construction site. Nothing majorly important has happened yet. So far, the old Wave Jumper ride that used to be in the spot across from Roar has been dismantled and is being stored next to Superman Ultimate Flight. 20140101_115637 Continue reading “Tsunami Soaker Construction Update”

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Trip Report 1-1-14

The first day of 2014 was a perfect day to visit Discovery Kingdom. The park was literally empty! We were the first guests of 2014, and had a great time. Let’s see what was going on at SFDK.

We arrived at the park, and we’re surprised to be one of the very first guests, and this only 40 minutes before park opening, eventually when the gates opened, we were the first guests to enter, and with our Gold passes we were also the first to enter the Oasis Plaza with the early entrance. We decided to ride Sky Screamer first since Medusa was still closed, and Kong hadn’t even start testing yet.20140101_105008 Continue reading “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Trip Report 1-1-14”


It’s the end of 2013, and we thought that it’d be great to look back at the 2013 Season, and take a look at what 2014 will bring.

2013 was the year in which California’s Great America came back on the map with an amazing record breaking GCI woodie. The Gold Striker is a hit with the public, and after some years in which CGA didn’t receive much love, seems to be the beginning of a brighter future for this Santa Clara park.

2013 was also the year in which Six Flags Magic Mountain named itself the Thrill Capital of the World, with the addition of world’s tallest and fastest looping coaster. Full Throttle might be a bit short, but it definitely lived up to our, and many other’s, expectations. The record breaker opened a little later than expected, but it opened with a newly themed area which brings back life to the area. We love the LEDs and lasers used in the new area! The area luckily brought room for expansion, and improvement, the park could basically add anything to it!

2013 also brought us Coast Rider, this fun new family coaster is part of an expansion with family rides, brightening up the Boardwalk section of the park. The family expansion was great for Knott’s! We find it interesting to see a Wild Mouse being placed, but it’s actually really fun, and is a perfect family ride!

2013 overall, was a great year for the Californian theme parks. The parks are off to a great future, and all major parks have received great new additions in the last couple of years. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom had some great in-house improvements, as they remodeled their 2 dolphin stadiums. Thus they had 2 brand new Dolphin Shows, Drench! at the new Toyota Stadium. And Cirque Dreams Splashtastic, which was a huge hit with the public! Knott’s reopened their log ride. Timber Mountain Log Ride has become even more spectacular, and we love the revisions done to the ride.

2013 was also the year of the New Texas Giant accident, which caused the Six Flags seat belt hype. Goliath, Superman Ultimate Flight and Full Throttle are now using seat belts. 2013 was also the year in which we noticed how badly some of our favorite CA coasters need repaints. Tatsu, Ninja, Riddler’s Revenge, Scream!, Goliath, and Viper all need repaints, so do Silver Bullet and Sierra Sidewinder. Hopefully California’s Great America keeps up the hard work, and will finish repainting all rides in 2014. It would also be nice to see the back side of CGA get some sort of make-over this off season, so it’s ready to go in 2014!20130817_183149And then there is the 2014 Season, bound to be another great one for our CA parks. Although all big new rides for 2014 are outside of CA, the most appropriate expansions will still be made for our CA parks. We’re happy to announce that Silver Bullet will receive a paintjob next week! And we’ve also been told that Scream! and Tatsu will receive paintjobs for the 2014 Season.

2014 will bring us a make-over of the Calico Mine Ride at Knott’s. As well as an expansion of Knott’s Camp Snoopy kiddie area. Which brings us to Magic Mountain, which will also expand their kiddie area. Bugs Bunny World will receive a brand new Zamperla Gravity coaster for 2014 with the expansion and rejuvenation of the kiddie area. Six Flags Magic Mountain will also run Batman the Ride and Colossus backwards for a limited time in the spring of 2014.

2014 will also bring us Tsunami Soaker at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom as well as the return of Cirque Dreams Splashtastic, which is a wonderful show that you can’t miss out on! Additionally Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will finally be open year round, as 2014 is their first year of weekly operations! Last but not least is the reopening op Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland, the entire track will be renewed, and we can’t wait for this great coaster to reopen, while totally upgraded!

We wish you the happiest year so far, and enjoy all 2013, and 2014, additions this upcoming season! The CA theme parks are in great shape and bound to give visitors a blast!


Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour

One of the bonuses of coming to Universal Studios Hollywood, is being on an actual, full operating film studio.  You can fully experience this theme park’s uniqueness on its attraction known as the studio tour. 20131220_091539

This is a tram ride through the sets and sound stages of Universal.  Riders board a tram and are introduced to there guide and driver, as well as a video host, Jimmy Fallon.



The tram departs downhill passing a timeline of movie posters, featuring Gone with the Wind, Woody Woodpecker, Jurassic Park, and other great Universal films.  It reaches to bottom of the hill and passes by the first, and newest of its sound stages, which currently houses the television singing competition show, The Voice.  


You then pass 2 more sound stages, one being the oldest, which held the Paris Opera House in the original film rendition of Phantom of the Opera, and the other being one of the largest, which holds sets from the CSI television series.


Riders will then enter the Metropolitan Sets (Boston, NYC, etc).

20131220_093006 20131220_093019



Rounding the corner, riders, see the famous Clock Tower Square is, where the famous time travel scene in the end of Back to the Future was shot. Then, after passing through little New York, riders go up another hill, to experience, the newest addition to the attraction, King Kong 360 3D.  In this experience, riders enter Skull Island though a tunnel and are asked to put on a pair of 3D glasses.  They are then, through the magic of 3D technology, are transferred to a forest complete with a battle between King Kong and a group of T Rexes, that gets so wild that a back car is pulled onto the screen and down into a gorge.  After finishing this thrilling experience, riders head up a hill passing the famous cars of Universal, featuring Kit from Knight Rider, among others, before heading into a territory from Jurassic Park in which you are ambushed by some spitting Velocaraptors.  Riders then enter little Mexico during a rain festival, in which, not only does it rain, but it poors, causing a flash flood effect.


Riders then go through Whoville, where, during Grinchmas, a performance occurs, with singing and dancing Whos, and everyone’s favorite green monster Mr. Grinch.


On the back side of Whoville, however, is the not as jolly Bates Motel from Psycho.  Some unlucky riders will catch Norman with his mother and will be chased by him, knife in hand.  Riders then pull into a sound stage that has been set to look like a subway station and experience and earthquake, featuring a tanker truck falling down on them, a derailed train, and another flash flood.  Then riders descend to a small New England town featuring a large shark attack from, you guessed it, Jaws.


Riders ride up passed the Bunny Ranch from the Best Little Whore House in Texas.


You then part the seas as Charlton Heston once did as Moses in The Ten Commandments. Finally, riders see the grand finally, the plane crash scene from War of the Worlds, which features a real demolished 747 passenger plane.



After one last ascent up which allows riders to get a view of the surrounding East San Fernando valley, and a good bye song by Jimmy Fallon, riders exit the tram, hopefully unscathed. 20131220_091449



Overlook of USH Trip — 20th of December 2013

California Coaster Kings went to Universal Studios Hollywood on the 20th of December, although we went mainly for Grinchmas, we were there for an entire day, thus we created a little overlook of our day. Ride Reviews and recaps will follow soon.

We arrived when the park opened, and the first thing we went on is the popular Studio Tour. Luckily there was no line, and we were on the first tram/bus to leave. A review will follow. 20131220_091539Next up, we decided to visit the lower lot, since it wasn’t crowded yet. We rode ‘Revenge of the Mummy’ first. There were no lines, so that was good. We rode it twice in a row. It’s a fun ride, a little short, but very smooth with a nice launch. It’s definitely a ‘must-do’ when at the park. A review of this ride will follow.


Next up, Jurassic Park. Luckily we didn’t get wet on it. The ride has very well been put together, we ended up riding it 3 times. A review of this ride will follow.20131220_104239The last ride on the lower lot was the all new Transformers: The Ride 3D. Which was amazing! Definitely one of our favorite rides, good story line and pretty long line. Fast movements make the ride even better.  20131220_104359

It was interesting to see the interaction between ride-related characters and guests, such as characters from ‘Transformers’ and ‘Revenge of the Mummy’.20131220_161639 20131220_105355

We then returned to the upper lot, where we rode all other rides and went to see Waterworld and the Special Effects Stage. Waterworld was very good. It was interesting to see the show both at night and during the day. 20131220_133646 20131220_140135

Shrek 4D was awesome, and hardly had any lines all day. Simpsons on the other hand had about the longest line with Transformers all day, except for the 70 min Studio Tours line. We ended up riding all rides at least twice.20131220_091207

The main reason we came to the park was of course Grinchmas, which we totally loved. The park was beautifully decorated, and the tree lighting ceremony was a hit! Click here to read the Grinchmas Report!20131220_091132

Grinchmas Report

California Coaster Kings went to Universal Studios Hollywood on the 20th of December to cover Grinchmas! Short reports of our trip outside of the Grinhmas event will follow soon, with full coverage of all the rides, some of the shows, and of course Studio Tour! So stay tuned!

The park’s entrance and streets are wonderfully decorated!

20131220_090721 20131220_090730 20131220_172634 20131220_200813 20131220_173829 20131220_174226

Universal Plaza was dedicated to offer everyone a variety of Grinchmas activities. Guests could decorate cookies, design tree ornaments, take pictures with the Grinch and his dog ‘Max’. As well as observe the tree, and all Who-Ville friends!

20131220_174837 20131220_131420 20131220_125126 20131220_125112 20131220_090948 20131220_173039 20131220_172709

The tree looked wonderful, and from 5-8PM, there was a tree lighting ceremony every 30 minutes, with music, artificial snow and performances of the characters walking around the plaza! There were also several performances around the park at night, related to the holiday season!

20131220_175001 photo 1 (15) photo 2 (14)

Watch our video below of the plaza at night, the ceremony, the other live entertainment, and the artificial snow! Combined creating an awesome holiday event for young and old!

Tomorrow Tuesday–New Texas Giant and Iron Rattler (Iron Colossus?)

After Fright Fest of 2009 at Six Flags Over Texas, the park’s signature woodie, Texas Giant, closed for what was announced to be a $10 million renovation. Rocky Mountain Construction created steel I-Box track to place over the existing wooden track, and re profile it. The steel track was similar in weight and shape to the original wood tracking, and thus wasn’t hard to replace the track. The height of the first lift hill was increased by ten feet, the first drop angle was steepened to 79 degrees, and 3 over banked turns were all added to the ride layout. This was Rocky Mountain’s first steel I-Box coaster and was met with huge success. It opened in April of 2011, and was ranked 6th that year among steel coasters in the Golden Ticket awards and in the next 2 years finished in 5th and then 6th again.Texas-Giant-Returns

At the 2011 IAAPA Trade Show, Alan Schilke (designer of New Texas Giant) announced that Rocky Mountain would be working on two new projects for 2013, one of which being a new “Iron” Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.  This announcement was confirmed by Six Flags in August of 2012.  Unlike New Texas Giant, Iron Rattler features 4 over banked turns and a barrel roll.  It ranked 2nd in the 2013 Golden Ticket Awards for best steel coaster.sixflags-fiestatexas-ironrattler-pan

We’re hoping that soon, Six Flags Magic Mountain’s signature woodie Colossus, will also get this treatment, making it Six Flags’ 4th RMC I-Box Coaster (Medusa Steel Coaster will be opening in 2013 as its 3rd)