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Six Flags Magic Mountain Update 3/2/14

After being closed on Saturday, due to the heavy rain, the park was only open Sunday this week. Thus we went, and to our surprise there were no crowds today! Which we very much enjoyed!

It might just be us, but the HH sign below seemed a lot more faded last summer, we don’t know what they did to it, but something seems to have been done. Also, the pumps of Bonzai Pipelines are on site. Last but not least, Venom Drop was taken out last week, for the placement of Bonzai Pipeline. We hope that this off season HH receives some love, it’s getting old, and is under maintained, it looks pretty bad to be quite honest.20140302_143047 20140302_143143 20140302_143425

The main gates are still out for refurb, thus the people are let in early, whilst they wait behind fences inside the park to enter when the park opens. A handy Gold Line was installed as well. 20140302_102531 20140302_102707

The ‘Full Throttle’ Sports Bar and Grill is well on its way too, they are currently painting the outside of the building gray and red, with different color windows. Inside not much progress has been made, but since it’s just a big empty space, we expect that that will be worked on soon.20140302_133043 20140302_102816 20140302_133020 20140302_133017 20140302_102919 20140302_102849 20140302_133032

Lots of rides and buildings are under refurbishment currently, such as the Valencia Falls Fountain. 20140302_102648

Additionally, Scrambler has been repainted and is to be found in pieces all over the park, underneath Scream!, behind Apocalypse, and on the actual ride site. The new color scheme is creme, which won’t look faded as quickly. 20140302_111919 20140302_111923

Swashbuckler is slowly being put together again, the ride is almost entirely on the ride site, except for the seats. 20140302_141353 20140302_141356

Over at Bugs Bunny World the entrance plaza is closed to being finished, and we think that it looks great now it’s so open. 20140302_102947 20140302_102937 20140302_133150

Apparently the bears from over at Log Jammer have been placed in Bugs Bunny World for the monster truck ride.20140302_133215

There is not much change regarding the Speedy Gonzales sight, although Tweety’s Escape received some love, with a repaint, all new sign, and control panel shelter. 20140302_133338 20140302_133427 20140302_133423

The new directory and commercial signs are up!20140302_113427

Last but not least… BATMAN BACKWARDS was testing! It only did so for a very short time in the morning, thus this is all the footage we got. 20140302_110553 20140302_110547

Anything we missed, or that you want to share, comment below!

Special–Sonoma Train Town

IMG_20140222_121033_560Placed in the picturesque Northern California Wine Country is Sonoma Train Town, a family oriented theme park built around a picturesque train ride.  The park features relaxing fun for the whole family, surrounded by beautiful lakes and waterfalls.IMG_20140222_114929_728

The park is built around the train, but also features a roller coaster, swing ride, and Ferris wheel, among other rides.  The park is hardly ever crowded, and uses a ticket system for rides in which each ride coasts one ticket ($2.75) or one can purchase 6 tickets in a package deal ($12.75), thus saving time and money.  The roller coaster, called Dragon Train, is a Wisdom Rides Orient Express model, featuring a spiral lift hill, and then turns and dips before returning to the station.IMG_20140222_113252_236

Each ticket on this actually features 2 runs through the track.  The other two star attractions are the swing ride (similar to Swashbuckler at Six Flags Magic Mountain) and the Ferris wheel.  The swings, called the Chattanooga Choo Choo Chairs, take riders on a relaxing trip over the trees and lake of the surrounding park.  Unlike many swing rides, due to the small crowds out the park, riders are up as long as almost 5 minutes.IMG_20140222_114553_119

The Ferris wheel is a typical Ferris wheel, taking riders up to have a beautiful view of the hills and vineyards or Sonoma Wine Country.IMG_20140222_113152_704

The park also features a scrambler, carousel, and an airplane themed flat ride, but the park’s star attraction is the train.  Unlike the rest of the rides, the train costs $5.75 per person, and takes riders through caverns, past waterfalls, and around the lake to a petting zoo in the back of the park, and then back to the front of the park.  Although it isn’t the thrill seekers paradise, this park is a great place to relax and unwind from the daily grind.

Throwback Thursday–Spellbreaker (Legoland CA)

lego5Spellbreaker was a Caripro Batflyer model coaster that was located at Legoland California from 2000 until 2003.  The ride featured duel tracks, and a single car ride vehicle allowing 2 riders to sit, one in front, one in back.  At maximum capacity, the ride could hold 5 vehicles on each track.  The smaller cars lead to the snails pace capacity of only 400 riders per minute.  Riders loaded, and then had their vehicle loaded into its unique elevator lift system.  The lift took riders up four stories, before being released on the single rail track, and then were in for a “swinging” good time, literally.  The ride would make turn after swinging turn over the green hills surrounding the park before hitting a break run, signifying the end of the ride.lego43

The single rail track allowed for the dual track coaster, with only one set of supports between the two tracks.  The closest operating ride that this could be compared to in California would be Ninja (Six Flags Magic Mountain), however, unlike Ninja, this offered a more free swinging experience.  The ride closed in 2003, and sat SBNO for a year before its demolishing in the end of 2004.  This ride had a very short lived life, but received very good reviews, and is Caripro’s most popular coaster model, opening two more after Spellbreaker opening, and before their disappearance in 2004.  Since, Premier Rides has produced similar suspended coasters, and it is believed that Premier possibly purchased the design from Caripro.  The best example of this was Soak’d at Freestyle Music Park.

Amazing new concept art of Goliath (SFGAm)

Six Flags Great America came with the following new concept art pictures last Friday, and we’re even more excited about this revolutionary ride!

Goliath will have a mixed structure that is partially wood, and partially steel. The lift-hill and Zero-G-Roll will be having a steel structure, while the rest of the ride will be wood. The structure is very innovative and revolutionary. We’re sure this ride will be among the best in the world, and at this point we might even consider it the best new coaster of 2014, but of course there are great other new coasters out there like Projekt Helix, Banshee, etc. Below you’ll see the new structure, and its awesome appearance. 1511080_10151887992051356_1436410370_n thumb_1553328_10151887991301356_1910532623_o 4_o 3_o 2_o 1o thumb_1911117_10151887992046356_525188657_o

The park also updated their off-ride announcement video! Look at that structure!

The Secret of Freedom Seats

This article might be directed mostly towards Kong at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, but it will also discuss the possibilities for Six Flags as an overall corporation. ‘Freedom Seats’ is the nickname of the revised version of the Vekoma Inverted Family styled trains, for their SLC. These new trains do wonders to a otherwise painful ride.

‘Vekoma rides has recently designed new trains with the new modular seat design, with a special integrated vest, replacing the over-the-shoulder restraint, for a secure, comfortable and unrestrained feeling. Independent steering wheel bogies were included to offer a smoother ride and to lessen wear to increase the ride’s durability.’

These ‘vests’ trains are very similar to the already mentioned Family Inverts by Vekoma. We have been on one in Germany, Jimmy Neutron’s Atomic Flyer at Moviepark to be exact, and the seats are very comfortable, and easy to board. The restrains are even easier since they are lap-bars similar to the lap-bars on Lex Luthor and SkyRush. Thus making the dispatch times quick.img_1448-custom

The only clear difference between the trains shown above and the actual SLC Freedom Seats, would be the additional vest in the restraint. These vests would be similar to the vests on the other MK1212 trains that have been installed on Vekoma Boomerangs and MK1200 rides. We’ve been on the Speed of Sound boomerang at Walibi Holland, and we’ve never enjoyed a Boomerang that much before! Carolina Cobra and multiple other Vekoma’s out there run these trains, such as Python in Efteling, and Corkscrew at Genting Theme Park.Young adults (11)

Fly – The Great Nor’Easter at Morey’s Pier received these trains in 2008. The reviews were insanely positive, and many riders found this one of the best inverted coasters out there. Which hardly surprises us since the layout is intense and quick, but the headbanging takes away from the experience. All this can be easily prevented by installing these new Vekoma trains, as proven. Walibi Holland’s El Condor has done some tests with the new trains, and although it has never been confirmed, it wouldn’t surprise us if it were to re-open with the new trains for the 2014 season. This especially since the first ever Vekoma SLC is currently being repainted, and is undergoing a major refurbishment.wildwood2008_03

It would be very beneficial to any park out there with an SLC to install these trains to minimize the complaints, and maximize operations, guest satisfaction, and duration of track. The trains are lighter and thus roll along the track more smoothly. Even if the train were to shake heavily on older SLCs, it would hardly be noticed by guests due to the vests preventing any headbanging. We thus personally believe that Kong at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom could definitely use these, although it’s one of the smoother SLCs out there. It would increase lines, and make the ride popular, which we believe would be a wonderful and cheap investment to make.20130705_134248

This could then be done throughout the entire Six Flags chain. That would be a total purchase of 10 new Vekoma SLC trains that will likely come with discount, knowing Vekoma and big orders, and would improve the overall standard of thrilling entertainment. We think it’s a more rational idea than many people believe, because if Six Flags New England can purchase a new train for Goliath (former Deja Vu at SFMM), then why no new Mind Eraser trains? Goliath didn’t really need one, knowing the reviews and ride experience of Mind Eraser, ME definitely deserved new trains. We believe that Six Flags could show off these rides, and make them among the most popular rides. The trains could be very detailed, and could say ‘Six Flags’ in 3D, like the Efteling did with their name on the new Vekoma trains. That would be 2 red with orange and brown trains for LaRonde’s Ednor L’Attaque, 2 purple with blue and yellow trains for Batman at Six Flags Mexico, 2 orange and yellow, or perhaps green for the jungle theme, trains for Kong at our CA Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, 2 red or blue trains for Mind Eraser at Six Flags New England (would work with a new repaint that it needs), and finally 2 yellow or orange trains for the Mind Eraser at Six Flags America.

Comment your thoughts of train colors, additional theming, and any other thoughts below!

Throwback Thursday–My Generation

magic moment theater

My Generation was an indoor summer show in the Magic Moments Theater at Six Flags Magic Mountain that ran during the summers of 2011 and 2012.  The show featured sensory effects such as lasers, lights, and surround sound.  Viewers could enter the theater about 10 minutes early and listen to 3 songs: My Generation by the Rolling Stones, a remix of Black Eyed Peas songs, and Black or White by Michael Jackson, before being greeted by the shows moderator on stage.  He would introduce the show and then Adam Cougar, a member of the cast at Six Flags falls (pre-recorded, but unknown to first time viewers), who would interview six flags visitors on there favorite music from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s.  First, the 80’s, which first discussed the introduction of music videos and MTV and featured the music of A-ha (Take On Me), Cher (Life After Love), Madonna (Vogue), Wham (Wake Me Up…), and Whitney Houston (Somebody Who Loves Me).

take on me

Then came the 90’s featuring the discussion of the creation and popularizing of pop, and featured music by MC Hammer (Can’t Touch This), Michael Jackson (Smooth Criminal), N’SYNC (Bye Bye Bye), and Brittany Spears (Oops I Did It Again).


Finally came the 2000’s and featured some of the greatest artists of right now like LMFAO (Every Day I’m Shuffling) and Maroon 5 (Moves Like Jagger), among others.


The show ended with a finale in which the curator introduced a song about being proud of who you are.  This song was Katy Perry’s Firework.


This show featured a fantastically thrilling show, and was a great way to beat the heat on hot summer days, due to the fact that the theater was air conditioned.  We definitely hope to see this show back soon.

Knott’s Berry Farm Trip Report 2/16/14

California Coaster Kings went to Knott’s on the 16th of February to enjoy the extended President’s day weekend hours, check out the progress made at Calico Mine Ride, ride the repainted coasters, and to watch the awesome Supreme Scream lighting.

It was great to be back at Knott’s with this weather, and the repainted cobra over the entrance was awesome!20140216_093437

The repaints on Silver Bullet, Sierra Sidewinder and Timberline Twister look great! And really help rejuvenate the front of the park. They are currently using the Fast Lane entrance for Sierra Sidewinder since the regular entrance is in the part of Camp Snoopy that’s currently undergoing a refurb. Sierra Sidewinder was running 2 trains, with decent to no lines all day. 20140216_094505 20140216_10100020140216_130505

We started off our day with riding Silver Bullet, which had only one train running, we were the first ones to climb on-board the front row, and luckily didn’t have to wait in the 2.5 hour line that was to be found later in the day. We had an incredibly smooth ride, and as weird as it may sound, the repaint really has an effect on the ride experience, it looked so new and well maintained, great ride!20140216_095106 20140216_122744

There was some more work done on GhostRider, which reopened on Valentine’s Day, thus we actually had a quite enjoyable ride on it! The line was about an hour all day, but it was worth the wait. It’s been a while since GR was that smooth.

Boomerang was crowded pretty much all day, and we actually ended up skipping it this time since all switchbacks were filled almost all day. We do have to say it again, we really like the new color-scheme, it’s a great color for the renewed Boardwalk. 20140216_105023

Xcelerator was also running one train, but luckily we got there earlier in the morning, so we didn’t have to wait at all, and we got to walk right on. Later in the day the line was about an hour, which is not bad when comparing it to all other extreme lines.

The Timber Mountain Log Ride was amazing, like always!20140216_102540

The Timber Mountain lines were actually quite short, although Big Foot Rapids had some crazy lines. We decided to ultimately ride it once the line was a lot shorter, but it was still this long.20140216_155252

Not to mention Pony Express’ line! It was finally running 2 trains again, but yet there was a line extending all the way down to the Fast Lane entrance. We ultimately rode it in the dark with only a 20 minute wait. 20140216_161748 20140216_161834

Coast Rider had a long line too, but luckily we got there before the crowds, and only waited about 5 minutes. 20140216_113602

We got on pretty much every ride, including Jaguar that ran 2 trains, but yet had a line all the way down the temple, touching the downstairs switchbacks. We waited through it 2 times during the, since we love how lengthy it is, and then we rode it at night without a line.

Calico Mine Ride Construction Pictures

Below you’ll see some pictures of the progress made around Calico Mine Ride, new rocks have been added, and new colors are used for the exterior of the ride. 20140216_102536 20140216_102526 20140216_102458

Supreme Scream – ‘Knott’s for the Cure’

Knott’s lit up Supreme Scream with pink lights for the support of Susan G. Komen foundation that helps women with breast cancer. We think it’s a great idea, and we’re fully supporting Knott’s. It was great to see all employees in the park wear a pink batch, as well as the Snoopy pictures are taken in front of the pink bubbles under SB’s Cobra Roll.20140216_094500

Supreme Scream was lit up in different shades of Pink, and we think it looked awesome, definitely something they should do more often! It was great to ride a ‘pink’ Supreme Scream at night! 20140216_184940 20140216_182641 20140216_182729 20140216_182805

Sorry for the lack of pictures, we had a great day, although it was very crowded, and we can’t wait to visit again in a month or 2.