Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Holiday in the Park

It was the time a year, in which Six Flags Discovery Kingdom held their annual Holiday in the Park!

The entire park was nicely decorated, and the park had a lot of props this year! Almost the entire park was decorated as a matter of fact, except for the zoo section, since that closes earlier. We don’t have pictures of it, but the park even had their very own snow hill, where guests could sleigh down the hill, and play with snow on top of the hill as well. 20140101_112043 Continue reading “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Holiday in the Park”

Tsunami Soaker Construction Update

Tsunami Soaker construction has started at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! For a description of the ride and more info first, click here

Below you’ll see some pictures of the construction site. Nothing majorly important has happened yet. So far, the old Wave Jumper ride that used to be in the spot across from Roar has been dismantled and is being stored next to Superman Ultimate Flight. 20140101_115637 Continue reading “Tsunami Soaker Construction Update”

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Trip Report 1-1-14

The first day of 2014 was a perfect day to visit Discovery Kingdom. The park was literally empty! We were the first guests of 2014, and had a great time. Let’s see what was going on at SFDK.

We arrived at the park, and we’re surprised to be one of the very first guests, and this only 40 minutes before park opening, eventually when the gates opened, we were the first guests to enter, and with our Gold passes we were also the first to enter the Oasis Plaza with the early entrance. We decided to ride Sky Screamer first since Medusa was still closed, and Kong hadn’t even start testing yet.20140101_105008 Continue reading “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Trip Report 1-1-14”