Toverland – The Little Theme Park that Could

Sean: Within a span of 17 years this amazing Dutch theme park went from indoor play ground with a rollerskater to a world-class theme park destination. Toverland opened in may of 2001 with a Vekoma rollerskater and took the world by storm adding one of the regions largest and most impressive wooden coasters, a launch coaster, large spinning coaster, water rides, and one of the world’s best B&M Wing Coasters. Let’s take a look at this Dutch amusement park that want from 0 to 100 real fast. Continue reading “Toverland – The Little Theme Park that Could”

Six Flags Magic Mountain Update-5/24/19

Derrion: I am so happy to see my favorite park in so cal begin to transition to its the summer season. The park has been consistently running everyday since January 2018 and I appreciate the effort management has taken to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. Today there were a few small park updates and a huge West Coast Racers update! Continue reading for more information.

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