Europa-Park Update – Winter Season – December 2018

Sven: This might be my final theme park of the year but what a way to end it. Europa-Park in winter was a first for me, but pretty sure it won’t be my last. Get ready for a Rulantica update, Piraten von Batavia update and Christmas atmosphere in of the world’s best theme parks! Continue reading “Europa-Park Update – Winter Season – December 2018”

Six Flags Magic Mountain- December 7th Park Update

Derrion: It has been sometime since we last visited Six Flags Magic Mountain, and I could have not been more excited to get back in the park. Weekdays are still the very best days to come in and ride because attendance is typically low and I like the feeling of taking the time to notice all the small things that the park has to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the changes going on in the park and update on West Coast Racers, new for 2019!
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The countdown to the New Year is on at Knott’s Merry Farm! With special fireworks, live entertainment, and extended hours, plus Knott’s signature rides and attractions, Knott’s New Year’s Eve celebration is the place to experience an unforgettable night. Continue reading “KNOTT’S BERRY FARM LIGHTS UP THE NIGHT WITH A SPECTACULAR FIREWORK DISPLAY TO RING IN THE NEW YEAR”

Smoky Mountain Christmas – Dollywood – 2018

Sean: One of the country’s very best holiday events is Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas. The event does a great job combining classic lights around the park with impeccable entertainment and that Dollywood touch! Over 5 million lights and several well-designed areas up in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, let’s explore Smoky Mountain Christmas! Continue reading “Smoky Mountain Christmas – Dollywood – 2018”

Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Sean: This year’s Holiday in the Park is another step up from what was already one of the best Holiday events in the country. Six Flags Magic Mountain opened their popular Holiday in the Park in 2014 and ever since has been leading the California market with the most unique event around, celebrating all winter holidays in a modern high-energy fashion. This year the park has introduced several new attractions for the event! Let’s take a look! Continue reading “Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Magic Mountain”

Fuji-Q Highland: The Six Flags Magic Mountain of Japan

Alexander: Ok, the title of this article is kind of a loaded statement. How is Fuji-Q like Magic Mountain? Like, besides the obvious reasons?

To be honest, they’re not as similar as we’d originally pictured; Fuji-Q Highland is shockingly small, and, despite their 4 major coasters drawing some obvious parallels, their collection of coasters overall is just a fraction fo the size of Magic Mountain’s. Still, we know a lot of Six Flags Magic Mountain fans who will take personal interest in the similarities between the parks, and, as long as we have a “Cedar Point of Japan” (Nagashima Spa Land), we might as well have a Japanese Magic Mountain. Continue reading “Fuji-Q Highland: The Six Flags Magic Mountain of Japan”

10 Underrated Disney Attractions

Alexander: When you run the biggest theme park chain in the world, your biggest successes become household names. I would bet money that the number of households in the U.S. that have heard of Space Mountain outweigh the number that haven’t, and Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most globally-recognized intellectual properties  (thank you, Johnny Depp).

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Rocky Top Mountain Coaster – The Smoky Mountains’ Longest Coaster!

Alexander: NOW OPEN! The longest coaster in East Tennessee, Rocky Top Mountain Coaster, is open for business! The folks who run the coaster were kind enough to let us take some photos of the massive ride – get ready for a comprehensive look at all the things that set Rocky Top Mountain Coaster apart!

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Journey to Atlantis – Rebuild Update – Late November 2018

Sean: Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld San Diego closed last month to undergo a lengthy, but much needed refurbishment. Journey to Atlantis opened in 2004 as the second water coaster SeaWorld had obtained from Mack Rides. Over the years many of the effects stop working and the coaster/flume hybrid has gotten increasingly rougher. Worry no more, as we will discuss in this update, Journey to Atlantis will be completely re-tracked and some of its original effects will be brought back! Continue reading “Journey to Atlantis – Rebuild Update – Late November 2018”