Six Flags Magic Mountain Reaches Capacity – Let’s Take a Look

Sean: Six Flags Magic Mountain reached capacity earlier today (December 30th, 2018) due to a combination of nation-wide crazy theme park crowds this Holiday season, and the bring-a-friend-free tickets for pass holders and members. Let’s take a look at this chaotic crowd at the park! Continue reading “Six Flags Magic Mountain Reaches Capacity – Let’s Take a Look”

The 7 Ports of Tokyo DisneySea

Sean: The last Disney park we had yet to publish about was Tokyo DisneySea, a park I’ve personally ventured to on two occasions this fall. You can say we saved the best for last because without doubt is this one of the best theme parks on Earth, many even consider it to be the best. Period. Join me as we take a look around the magical 7 ports of Tokyo DisneySea! Continue reading “The 7 Ports of Tokyo DisneySea”

Europe Top 10 Coasters – 2018

Sven:  The end of 2018 is near and thus it’s the perfect time to look back at this year’s theme-park season! The three brands will each present their top 10 coasters of this year and we’re starting off with Europe! The last few years, we’ve been very lucky with new coasters. Not just great ride experiences, but storytelling that enhances the overall experience. With that in mind, here’s our top 10!

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Calico River Rapids – Knott’s Berry Farm 2019

Sean: One of Knott’s Berry Farm’s weaker themed attractions has always been Bigfoot Rapids. It has always been missing that Knott’s ‘spark’. As you likely know, Knott’s Berry Farm is bringing big changes to the classic water ride in 2019 with the opening of Calico River Rapids. Let’s find out what’s in store and what we think of the changes coming!

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Universal Studios Hollywood Park Update – December 14, 2018

Derrion:  There are so many exciting additions coming to all Universal parks in the coming years and I could not be more excited to see my home park begin to reach it’s true potential. Amid the holiday season I was able to get into the park and enjoy it for a bit. Let’s take a look at some of the entertainment you will find in the park and construction updates on future projects.

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Six Flags Magic Mountain- December 7th Park Update

Derrion: It has been sometime since we last visited Six Flags Magic Mountain, and I could have not been more excited to get back in the park. Weekdays are still the very best days to come in and ride because attendance is typically low and I like the feeling of taking the time to notice all the small things that the park has to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the changes going on in the park and update on West Coast Racers, new for 2019!
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