Mooseburger Lodge — Full Throttle Sports Bar

The Mooseburger Lodge will likely turn into a Full Throttle themed sports bar! Several people have been told this. The restaurant is currently under construction, and will reopen , perhaps re-themed as a sports bar in either March or April. The park seems to be taking a distance from the previous ‘High Sierra Territory’ theme, and it wouldn’t surprise us if the park will soon transform the entire area into some sort of theme that will bring more attention to both Full Throttle and Bugs Bunny World.20140103_135545 20140103_135612

It seems that this one tree, will not be part of the new sports bar, and will be scrapped. 20140103_135608

The park made nice signs that they’d put on the doors of the restaurant. Showing all guests that it will not reopen ’til the renovations have been finished. 20140103_135623

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  1. Just for the heads up, it’s just a RUMOR for it to turn into a FT theme sports bar. It’s not a confirmed thing.

      1. Understood, we figured. Sorry if that wasn’t apparent in the post, will be fixed right away. Thanks for visiting our site, love your media and coverage.

    1. Sorry if that wasn’t apparent, will state that it is indeed a rumor, thought we had it in there, apparently not. Thanks for the heads up!

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