Medusa (SFDK) Ride Review

This is the Ride Review of Medusa!

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Medusa is a custom designed B&M Floor-less, and is definitely, together with SUF, the park’s most popular ride.

Riders will approach the ride after they’ve entered the Oasis Plaza, the giant of the park is hard to miss. The yellow/lime and purple beast’s entrance is located in the back of the plaza. Riders will enter the temple-like waiting-line, and will then enter the actual temple. The temple holds switchbacks and has a set of stairs that lead up to the boarding platform. Once up on the top level of the temple (station) riders will be assigned rows, there is one row with 2 ‘big’ seats in row 4, and there is a sign saying so. Once riders board the vehicle, the adventure is about to begin.

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Once the operators checked all seats, and did their enormously long and annoying visual scans, the floors drop, and the train leaves the station. The train makes a little dip/turn and will start its journey up the 150 ft tall lift hill. Once on top, there is a little pre-drop that catches many first-timers off guard. Then the actual 150 ft drop comes, this drop is pretty unique for floor-less coasters since they normally have a twist while dropping, Medusa on the other hand, does not. Medusa dives straight down to then fly through the 128 ft. tall loop. There is no stopping yet as it then flies into a dive loop/ reversed Immelman. this is followed by the popular 0-G roll. After this maneuver, the most unique element is about to make enthusiast really happy, the train will rocket into a Sea-Serpent/Roll-Over. This is an extremely unique feature for a B&M coaster! Medusa is the only B&M to do this! After the favorite element, riders will finally be able to catch their breaths and will then dive back down spiraling into a corkscrew. The 1st corkscrew is followed by a helix, that will then roll into the 2nd corkscrew. This corkscrew is then also followed by a helix in the opposite direction. This is a sign of the end of the ride, and the train will hit the final brakes. Once you’ve exit, you will be able to purchase an on-ride photo and you will be reminded of the great experience after you pass by the temple and the lift-hill to get back to the Oasis Plaza.



Medusa is one of the most popular rides in the park, and will most definitely have long lines in the morning. Additionally the Gold Pass holders get to enter the Oasis Plaza 10 minutes before opening, and thus upon opening the line already started to form. But no worries, the line is only long ’til around noon, due to the amounts of entertainment the park has to offer, Oasis Plaza is less crowded later on in the day. At night the lines can easily start to get long again, but visitors should have a relatively short wait from about noon ’til 6PM. Medusa is mostly operated with 2 of the 3 trains resulting in not 1600 riders per our, but about 1100 riders per hour.



The ride is unique, and is our favorite floor-less in CA. The theming is ‘okay’, but the ride experience makes up for that, no interlocking corkscrews, but elements scattered all over the place, creating an ultimate ride where you don’t know what to expect next. (As a first -timer :D) We therefore advise you to definitely check out this smooth B&M!

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