Kong- There Is No Escape

With the recent Stealth article, and the removal of both Deja Vu and Invertigo we held a poll on the remaining Vekomas in CA. Kong came out pretty strong, and since there are different views on this SLC, we are giving our honest ride review.


Kong is a Vekoma SLC that once stood in Opryland USA as Hangman. Kong came to the Vallejo theme-park in 1998 after Premier Parks bought the park, and wanted to transform the Marine-Park into a theme-park. Together wit the park’s boomerang, Kong started it’s operations in may of 1998. The entrance was located next to the Dolphin Harbor stadium, and the parking lot used to be at the now Oasis plaza.

The view you have when approaching the park's entrance.
The view of Kong, and Cobra, you have when approaching the park’s entrance.

Kong is a Vekoma SLC(standard 689m), and has been painted several different colors over the years. Kong has lot’s of different reviews out there saying it’s rough, painful, etc… But when CCK looks to all Vekoma SLCs in the world, Kong is definitely not the worst one out there. Never Vekoma SLCs, such as MP-Express in Movie Park Germany, are often even rougher. The only big help Kong could possibly get, is some new Vekoma trains that have soft harnesses, taking away all the bumpy-ness.

Last turns before final-brake run

Once you approach the park, you see the beautiful roll-over, and sidewinder from Kong, and it gets riders excited. Once you enter the Oasis Plaza inside Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, you can’t do anything else than staring at the SLC, and the  biggest coaster in the park Medusa. Once you pass the entrance sign, the ride’s line doesn’t start until riders reached the opposite side of the ride, meaning that they will have to walk under the track, in a wooden tunnel that adds to the theming. You get a unique view of what is waiting to drag you along it’s 5 inversions. Once riders have arrived at the other side of the ride, they arrive at the actual entrance/waiting line. This is simply some outside wooden switchbacks, and then the station which includes some steel switchbacks, covered by a big canopy-sunscreen structure. The ride-ops make you wait in the switchbacks before they assign, or let you walk to your row. Once boarding, you take place in the either orange/red train or the yellow train, and the operators will quickly do their safety check, before dispatch. The lift-hill takes quite a while, but once you’re up the train descents down the first drop and their is no stopping until the end. You will speed up and fly in to a roll over, once you dive down again, a banked turn is followed by a sidewinder, after this, the ride gets a little shaky, but once you completed the 3/4 helix, the double inline twist catches you off-guard. After this, there are some quick movements and the train approaches the brake run, you’ll then slowly return to the station. To exit the ride you’ll have to pass under the ride once again, where you will be reminded that you just braved Kong!

Roll Over
Roll Over!

Kong’s lines really depend on 2 factors, the season, and the crowds… In the off seasons, Kong operates only one train, and line can get long, even-though Kong is one of the fastest operating rides. When it’s summer, and they’r operating 2 trains, the lines move fast, and we have to recognize the Kong crew for their fast dispatch, and top operations! Kong is not one of the most popular rides at the park, so the lines also depend on the crowds, when the park’s crowded, the line can get long, when the park is little to not crowded at all lines are pretty short. This is also due to the great entertainment the ark has to offer, there is a lot to do at the park. The lines for Kong are mostly the same throughout the day, and they get shorter from about 3-6PM. When it is the off-season make sure you go there first thing in the morning.

You can't but notice Kong's Sidewinder when approaching Oasis Plaza
You can’t but notice Kong’s Sidewinder when approaching Oasis Plaza

Kong is 2,260.5 ft long, has height of 109.3 ft, has 5 inversions, and reaches a top speed of 49.7 mph. All this is packed in a ride that’s only 1 minute and 36sec. long. Kong has 2 trains with 10 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in a single row for a total of 20 riders per train. This all together creates a pretty nice capacity, 1,040 riders per hour.

The 3/4 helix followed by the double-inline-twist
The 3/4 helix followed by the double-inline-twist

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