Knott’s Scary Farm 2014 Maze Reviews

The mazes at Scary Farm are good. No one can deny that. But some are definitely better than others. Below we’ll be looking at all mazes and Special Ops: Infected.

Let’s start off with the ‘never-done-before’ Special Ops: Infected. Well, I hardly have a clue as how to describe it. It was just simply amazing. Guests receive their guns, and will leave either camp Bravo or camp Alpha in single filed groups of 12 with a leader in front, and in the back. The leaders were army dressed, and were actors from the park. During the journey, guests have to aim on the heads of the infected and shoot with their laser guns to ‘kill them’. 20140925_201911 (Large)During the trip to the other side of Infected Camp Snoopy, you will have to go through bases, that suddenly get attacked by the Infected, you’re also on your way to find a way out, by looking at maps and unlocking radios. When leaving from Bravo, your team will eventually be split up in two teams of 6. One that will take a path over the rocks to get to Alpha, and the other 6, will battle a group of fierce fighters on the ground. I was in that group, and got captured. All 6 men and women, and the army-commander were locked in a cage. We eventually ‘escaped’ while shooting at zombies. The 12 met up right before entering Alpha. Where everyone is gathered in a decontamination room that they fill up with insane amounts of fog. I didn’t notice that the other 11 people had already exited the fog filled room, and I was quietly waiting , ’til I noticed, while sticking out my hands to feel where everyone was, that I was the only one left in there… haha. In the end they take a picture, which you can then purchase for $14. It’s incredibly fun, and a must-experience Scary Farm attraction. Make sure to run to Camp Snoopy first thing, to make a reservation free of charge. Battle the infected!

Let’s move on to the actual mazes. (And the Witch’s Keep). I’ll be giving each maze 3 ratings and a total rating. One rating based on how scary the maze is, one based one how well the sets/scenes look, and one based on the overall experience and impression it made. The ratings below DISREGARD the Skeleton Room experience, since not everyone will have access to that. The skeleton room experiences will thus not influence the ratings below, and will be discussed separately.

Witch’s Keep; Scare Rating: 5 Set Rating: 4 Experience Rating: 6 FINAL Rating: 5

  • The Witch’s Keep slightly disappointed me, as the only thing at all of Scary Farm. That’s why I address it first. There were several skeletons placed throughout the Calico Mine Ride, the animatronics had new voice overs, and there was a lot of green light. But that’s almost all there was to it. The ride didn’t have any life actors which would’ve been so perfect, you can’t get out of the ore cars, so it would’ve been scarier. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great and fun idea to turn a ride into this Haunt themed experience. It just could have been executed better I believe.20140925_204628 (Large)

Trick or Treat; Scare Rating: 6 Set Rating: 8 Experience Rating: 8 FINAL Rating: 7.3

  • Trick or Treat is very popular, and I definitely get why. It’s not really scary, but the maze looks very nice! You have to knock on the door, and the house is insanely detailed. You meet the witch several times. And the theme of the maze messes with childhood memories for a bit. It’s a very fun maze with great lighting as well. The only downside, the maze is very short. For the long lines we saw last night, we advise you to either do it first thing, or later around 11-12 when the lines get shorter.20140925_220743 (Large)

Forevermore; Scare Rating: 6 Set Rating: 8 Experience Rating: 7 FINAL Rating: 7

  • The longest maze at Knott’s Scary Farm. But that does definitely not mean it’s the best maze. The idea of the modernized version of Edgar Allen Poe stories is very clever. But not everyone knows their Poe. The murder scene is pretty easy to understand, but there are several scenes that are truly based off of several of Poe’s stories. Such as the dead cats everywhere, or the birds, or the lounge for example. It doesn’t mean the maze isn’t elaborately themed. The maze has several scenes that are some of the best in the park. Another downside is that the maze features lots of straight-a-ways, so there isn’t that much room for surprises in several scenes.20140925_211403 (Large)

Toothfairy; Scare Rating: 8 Set Rating: 8 Experience Rating: 9 FINAL Rating: 8.3

  • The new maze looks really really neat, and is actually quite frightening. The maze includes a lot of different scenes, such as children’s bedrooms, pitch-black rooms and caged tunnels through which you’ll have to squad to go through. The feared theme of the dentist is perfectly combined with evil tooth-fairies. The maze includes several scenes where either fairies hang slaughtered in the office of the dentist, or are portrayed evil and have stacks of coins underneath their bloody bodies. The only way to reach Toothfairy, is by walking through Dominion of the Damned first. Overall, Toothfairy is a very nice new maze that has a balanced mix of ‘scary’ and ‘pretty’. And because of the many different scenes in this new maze, the overall experience is one of the best.20140925_223535 (Large)

Dominion of the Damned; Scare Rating: 8 Set Rating: 9 Experience Rating: 8 FINAL Rating: 8.3

  •  This maze surprised me. I’m not going to lie, the entire dark grayish theme to it, with the dramatic music had me pretty scared. Though it’s all a very similar theme, the entire maze overall had several very well designed scenes. The room with coffins that opened up for example was pretty freaky. Since the dominion is full of death, the scene where you walk through the ally is pretty awesome too. Windows open all around you and actors jump out to scare you.
  • Skeleton Key Room: Dominion of the Damned has a very interesting Skeleton room, and a surprising one too! Guests will enter the green house where they grow dead people plants (?- Still not sure what they were), and they get mad after a volunteer needs to feed them. A loud noise arises as strobe lights turn on and water is sprayed in people’s faces. A great start to a great maze.

Black Magic; Scare Rating: 7 Set Rating: 8 Experience Rating: 7 FINAL Rating: 7.3

  •  The idea is very nice, magic gone wrong by Houdini, seriously awesome idea. Though it seemed a little far fetched to me. There were many really awesome and gruesome scenes, but non of which really scared me. This maze is all about the details you see. Going through this cursed theater is actually really cool, and everything relates back to magic tricks that Houdini did as well. Though it failed to scare me. It has some freaky opponents to it, don’t get me wrong, but most of these things are not to be acted out by scare-actors. The maze does though have a very cool finale, scenes that will disorient you, and does a great job portraying the dark elements of dark magic. Black Magic.
  • Skeleton Key Room: Probably the best part of this maze, would have been the Skeleton Key Room. Guests gather around a table and take a seat in a seance session where Houdini’s spirit will be called. The lights turn off, and Houdini is called. Only problem, the seance called him from eternal rest and he’s pretty pissed! He tries to come in through mirrors on the wall, and eventually gives the seance lady a static shock as the table shakes and the room’s lights go crazy.20140925_203107 (Large)

Pinocchio Unstrung; Scare Rating: 8 Set Rating: 8 Experience Rating: 9 FINAL Rating: 8.3

  •  Awesome! Puppets taking revenge is cool, Pinocchio’s funky story line turned into a revenge-plot, AWESOME! This maze was pretty long, and very popular. I can definitely see why it was this popular. The scenes in genera are very dark inside, and the characters all look very much like a nightmare version of this famous tale. Exactly what I wanted to see, and apparently the guests there agreed. The maze includes so many different scenes related to the original story that I can hardly remember all of them. There isn’t much to actually say about this maze, besides the fact that it’s pretty freaky, very nicely decorated, and a great experience.
  • Skeleton Key Room: Pinocchio is very frustrated, and will ask guests what they know of his story, he then presents how he’ll take revenge by showing a creepy little puppet show. He then presents where he locked up the fairy, and sends you out into the maze, it’s short, simple, but creepy and a fun start to the maze. 20140925_210452 (Large) 20140925_210456 (Large)

Gunslinger’s Grave; Scare Rating: 8 Set Rating: 9 Experience Rating: 9 FINAL Rating: 8.7

  • This maze is almost like a small predecessor to Voodoo. The maze totally suits Knott’s. You (weirdly enough) don’t hear as much of Gunslinger’s Grave as you hear from several other mazes at Scary Farm, but Gunslinger’s Grave stood out to me. It’s scary enough to freak guests out, which is mainly due to the awesome sets. You walk in and out of farms, stores, mines, etc. Something I really like. The entire maze portrays a western town, and it does so very well. This is definitely one of the best mazes at the park, and I really hope to see it return for a couple of years, since this maze sums up everything we can think of of the old west, puts it into one frightening maze. Awesome indeed.
  • Skeleton Key Room: Guests will be brought in a lady’s home and are warned to close the door behind them and stay away from the window. A gunman is outside of their house looking for her and her husband. Only problem, we (guests) are with her. The room features a screen that portrays a window, and we can see the gunman stare in. He realizes the lady’s in there and comes in. The lady is beaten, as suddenly the husband comes in to help. Guest will then see how the lady is treated through the window, which is pretty spine-chilling, and are then send out of the house by the husband to flee… flee into the Gunslinger’s Grave. This is one of the better Skeleton Key Rooms with a wonderful introduction to the maze.20140925_190050 (Large)

Voodoo; Scare Rating: 8 Set Rating: 10 Experience Rating: 9 FINAL Rating: 9

  •  Voodoo Voodoo Voodoo… Where to begin… This maze has shown that Knott’s hasn’t lost it yet, or will lose it for a while. This is among the best mazes in the world, a simple fact. I’m sure you’ve read it elsewhere. Voodoo lived up to its expectations, there’s no denying it. Voodoo’s the best Maze at Scary Farm. The actors were perfect, the theme is very alternative but executed perfectly. Yes, a 10 out of 10 rating, it’s that perfect. Guests get to choose their own path throughout this maze, and there’s a lot of different paths you can take. Voodoo takes place in a New Orleans swamp, and the park made the swamp look amazingly real. The beginning of the maze (or first half) was all over the ‘water’ on wooden piers on which many different huts, or houses, were located. The maze was fantastically detailed, from dead bodies in the water, to crocodiles, to thousands of ritual candles and symbols on altars. The second half included the swampy forest with sand rather than the usual concrete floors. The music and lighting for the maze was also perfect. There really isn’t anything I disliked, besides the fact that I wish it was longer. But, just get back in line, and take a different path I’d say. Perfect maze.
  • Skeleton Key Room: The best skeleton key room, by far! The guests will knock on the door of the New Orleans house, and will be welcomed by the Voodoo priest and his assistant. His assistant tells a wonderful story of how to survive the cursed swamps that await, by the use of Zombie dust. Though one of the people in the room will be selected… she says. Everyone is then put into a coffin… –Which is totally insanely awesome!!– The doors close and the lights turn off. The pitch-black coffin starts shaking and the Voodoo priest speaks to you. Suddenly holes in the side of the coffin loudly blow air towards the guests. It gets silent, and suddenly the back of the coffin opens… Guest exit through the back of the coffin in a different hallway full of black-lights, and exit towards the entrance of the Voodoo maze, where they instantly get to choose a path. The experience of being put in the coffin is amazing, something very unique, and a very intense idea for many. I absolutely loved it. If there’s one skeleton room that’s already worth paying the additional key and fright-lane costs for, it’s Voodoo.20140925_224156 (Large)

This year’s Knott’s Scary Farm is incredible! Come check it out, I’m sure they can’t wait to ‘See you in the fog’…

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Please comment your favorite maze, or skeleton key room below! Please share this with all your Scary Farm going friends and family! (Check out the Show review, and overall opening night opening, here!).

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