Knott’s Merry Farm Opening Day 2014

Knott’s Merry Farm has started again at Knott’s Berry Farm, and it was absolutely fantastic! The opening day of Knott’s Merry Farm 2014 was on Saturday November 22nd. 20141122_113808 (Large)It’s a must-read article, Knott’s Merry Farm and all its glory is to be found here!


Let’s start with some Christmas related decorations and news through out the park.20141122_124736 (Large) Supreme Scream’s all 3 towers are fully operational again!20141122_124313 (Large) The games one can play on the boardwalk now also feature Knott’s Merry Farm prices!20141122_124802 (Large) Some Coast Rider theming!20141122_125005 (Large)I’m liking the stylish banners at the Boardwalk. 20141122_125019 (Large) Johnny Rockets’ lamposts were decorated.20141122_125123 (Large) And amazing-ness itself. The day before our visit, Knott’s Berry Farm opened their Gourmet Coffee Hut, where they sell STARBUCKS! 20141122_125203 (Large) They have some awesome variations, including Boysenberry Latte! The stand is very popular, and the lines were pretty long all day. 20141122_125214 (Large)  Some more Christmas decorations. 20141122_125321 (Large)

AHH! Voyage to Iron Reef! The signage is all around the construction walls. Inside they’re installing new air-vents and walls, the ride will follow an entirely different path than the previous dark-rides in the building did. Also, the Arcade and Lazer Zone on the bottom floor will reopen with Voyage to Iron Reef.20141122_125407 (Large) 20141122_144445 (Large)

In Camp Snoopy the Christmas theming was pretty general and a slight bit bare. 20141122_143505 (Large) 20141122_143227 (Large) The Grand Sierra Railroad is still closed. 20141122_143204 (Large) Of course Camp Snoopy has it’s own Merry Farm show! Lucy’s Wish List, with the entire peanut gang, and a new decor. 20141122_143126 (Large) 20141122_143123 (Large) Something that puts a smile on everyone’s face… Sierra Sidewinder was operating two trains!20141122_143108 (Large)

AHH! Fiesta Village has some Spanish Christmas related signs!20141122_124111 (Large) I’ve always LOVED how Fiesta Village looks. 20141122_124101 (Large) And for those who can’t get enough of Montezooma’s Revenge… it’s open again!20141122_143621 (Large) And in a few weeks/months, those who couldn’t ride Montezooma before due to a handicap, will then be able to use an elevator! A real Christmas gift that is! (See, it’s related to Merry Farm). 😀20141122_143603 (Large) 20141122_143545 (Large)

Let’s get to the real Merry Farm amazing-ness!

They had a cookies-decorations center over at the Ghost Town Bakery next to the lockers and GhostRider. 20141122_115428 (Large)

Ghost Town hosted Christmas Crafts Village, with many many little stores, vendors, etc!20141122_115559 (Large)

And guests could find A TON of things to do! Including purchasing Canadian Maple Lollipops. 20141122_115613 (Large) 20141122_115622 (Large) The decorations throughout Ghost Town were amazing. It was very traditional, old west kind of, but combined with the specialized music and the already existing Ghost Town decor, it really felt like a Christmas in a western town. Kudos Knott’s!20141122_115639 (Large)

Sorry for the sun-washed image, but Miss Doolittles was outstandingly well decorated!20141122_115652 (Large) 20141122_115658 (Large)

The Guest Relations Building inside Ghost Town!20141122_115708 (Large) 20141122_115732 (Large) 20141122_115737 (Large) 20141122_115740 (Large) The old school house! Merry Farm style of course. 20141122_115847 (Large) I don’t know why, but I really enjoyed seeing this Chinese Art stall. Showed how great of the variety of different stalls was. 20141122_115855 (Large) 20141122_115904 (Large) 20141122_115925 (Large) 20141122_120537 (Large) The Chainsaw Sculptor was very cool!20141122_120548 (Large) Look at that eagle!20141122_120556 (Large) More Ghost Town and different vendors!20141122_120612 (Large) 20141122_120617 (Large) 20141122_120628 (Large) 20141122_120640 (Large) 20141122_120647 (Large)

Overall, I REALLY enjoyed Ghost Town as Christmas Crafts Village, it’s great to browse around, and the atmosphere, especially at night (which we’ll discuss a bit later on), is very warming, and got me into the Holiday mood instantly!

Let’s take a look at Snoopy’s Merriest Tree Lighting. I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of it. Neither were the other CCK correspondents with me. Main reason, it seemed a little repetitive and was very much targeted for the younger audiences. 20141122_183428 (Large) Nevertheless, the stage was incredibly good looking. With an interactive TV screen, many props, and an overall great Holiday feel, the show wasn’t too bad if one focused on all props and lighting on stage. 20141122_120721 (Large)

And then there was the Merry Christmas Snoopy! On Ice show that literally blew the audience away! This show has a great variety of scenes, some touching ones, some silly ones, but overall combined made for a great show! We’ll have a full on article and review of the show follow soon! 20141122_160310 (Large) Oh, and at the lower entrance of the M. Shulz Theater, they have portable handles for on the door, so they can open them from the outside! (I know not everyone cares, but… I think it’s pretty cool!). 😀20141122_150620 (Large)

And then there was Christmas on Engine 41. This was the second Merry Farm that they did it, and boy let them do it a 3rd time! It was a very fun interactive experience that was worth the 30 minute wait!20141122_144324 (Large) The train is nicely decorated!20141122_163245 (Large) 20141122_163212 (Large) But people like ‘Calico’s Mayer’s Wife’ were the ones that made the trip worth while! 20141122_164328 (Large) She happened to also be the character in my cabin, and she did a fantastic job! She stayed true to her character and took the time to really converse with each passenger! 20141122_165719 (Large)This train ride made me realize how much I love Knott’s, they have modern day aspects of theme parks, but these kind of experiences are the ones that make my day at Knott’s each and every time I visit. Do yourself a huge favor, and visit Merry Farm and ride Engine 41!

Let’s move on to yet another very nice Knott’s Merry Farm attraction, a cabin in which we spent way too much time, Santa’s Christmas Cabin. Which is located next to Mystery Lodge and in front of the Pony Express launch in the Wilderness Dance Hall. 20141122_120213 (Large)

Inside, there were many stalls where people could purchase different kinds of traditional holiday foods and drinks! It looked very neat, and though it may seem obvious, the older wooden dance hall really gave it the ‘cabin’ feel. 20141122_120231 (Large) They had Starbucks brewed Gourmet Coffee and pastries, which were really good. I personally tried the Holiday Brew, and was enjoying every single sip of it. The pastries were delicious, and of a good size, for $2.99 people can get pretty big pastries. 20141122_120257 (Large)

My very artsy shot displaying the size of the pastries, and the large size coffees. They only come in this size, so it’s well worth the money!20141122_122527 (Large)

The Marshmallow-chocolate-fountain stall on the right, and the cookies and milk and eggnog stall on the left. The cookies are very large, warm and fresh, another great value.20141122_120309 (Large) On the side of that guests buy there picture that they took with Santa Claus. Oh, and look to the right of the picture, where you’ll see the cookies mentioned earlier.20141122_120317 (Large) The set for the picture taking with Santa Clause was very nice looking!20141122_120326 (Large) 20141122_120344 (Large) AHH! This nuts-stand was, well… NUTS! They had cashews, almonds, and walnuts in different flavors. They were very good! Immediately got me into the Christmas mood! Wonderful! 20141122_120349 (Large) The Wilderness Dance Hall wouldn’t be the WDH without a wine tasting station!20141122_120355 (Large) There were some tables set up for people to eat their traditional Holiday foods, along with some nice props. 20141122_120406 (Large)

And then there was Ghost Town Snow and Glow at Night time, we missed the snowing part… because the picture taking with Santa Clause took too long… but we do have some pictures of the ‘Glow’ part. 20141122_170259 (Large) The buildings were very nicely lit!20141122_170317 (Large) 20141122_170335 (Large) There were carolers of course! 20141122_172443 (Large)20141122_171624 (Large) You can see the snow machines on top of the buildings, and you can see the lanterns hanging from the trees, like we pointed out before. Which looks really cool when you walk around there!20141122_171708 (Large)

Overall Knott’s Merry Farm has proven to be a fantastic event. Many things to do, for people of all ages. Good variety of shows, and the mood Knott’s managed to create is like no other. I advise you to check out Knott’s Merry Farm!

This was it for the overall opening day update of Knott’s Merry Farm! We have LOTS of Merry Farm articles coming up, such as the show reviews, so stay tuned. Comment below what you think of Knott’s Merry Farm! And click here for overall Knott’s Merry Farm news! For the Knott’s 2015 Voyage to Iron Reef announcement and our opinion, click here.

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