Justice League: Battle for Metropolis Opens within Metropolis at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Sean: After many updates of both Justice League: Battle for Metropolis and The Riddler’s Revenge repaint over the past few months, it is now finally time to experience both attractions as part of Metropolis! We were invited to the VIP Party the night before the opening to the public, and our team had a blast. Let’s take a look at Six Flags Magic Mountain’s newest ride, and the relaunch of the World’s Tallest, Fastest, and Longest Stand-Up Coaster!

For those of you following CCK on Social Media you may have figured we rode the new dark ride on Sunday as well, but we waited with sharing our thoughts ’til the launch of this report! Enjoy! 

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Before heading over to the party in the back of the park, we had to get at least one of our favorite Arrow coasters in, and since I am about to ride Vortex at Canada’s Wonderland next week, getting a ride in on Ninja was just the best idea. (Spot the Ninja train in this picture!). It was glorious seeing the giant yellow and green steel beast (The Riddler’s Revenge) testing for us in the background as we got off Ninja! 

On our way down to Metropolis we noticed that all DC licensed signage has been added to the restaurants on the side of the area. Such as Munchopolis Snacks, Big Belly Burger, and Carlini’s Pizza. Also notice the amazing painting on the side of the Battle for Metropolis show building! Don’t give me the story that Six Flags never cares about sight lines. 😀 

Here’s another look at the three of the park’s five new restaurants this year! 

Time to head to where media, management, celebrities and corporate partners are partying…. METROPOLIS! 

It’s always amazing when a park goes full out for their events, this was no different. With DC Comics and Warner Bros. people present along with open bars, plenty of food, and an awesome show that awaited all of the guests, it was pretty clear we were going to have a great time! 

We see The Riddler’s Revenge run behind Ace ‘O Clubs! Let’s take a look! 

Our avid readers have likely seen plenty of our repaint-progress pictures lately, but finally we all have the chance to admire the new look from up close. The repaint turned out much better than the original renderings made us believe it would. Though I can’t help but still think of Cheetah Hunt when approaching the ride, The Riddler’s Revenge wears these colors charmingly well.

Unlike some of the palm trees that have been removed near the front of Metropolis (unfortunately), the palm trees surrounding The Riddler’s Revenge are in great shape! 

The entrance to the World’s fastest, longest, and tallest Stand-Up coaster is pretty much the same as it used to be, the main difference being the fact that it now utilizes a new queue, as part of the old queue is now used for Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. The entrance sign has received a cover, so rather than raw exposed neon lights, there is now a white cover over them. Do not be alarmed, the ride’s sign still lights up bright green at night! 

Favorite exit out of a corkscrew ever? THIS RIGHT HERE! <3 

The ride’s station (pictures will be included in a park update some day soon, it was too dark out to get good pictures), has been repainted gray and has received some touch ups. The infamous Ecuador mix is playing in the station, the park is still finishing up the light installments in the station, and should be ready later this month!  

There’s a lack of trains in these pictures, mainly because the ride didn’t reopen ’til after the firework show for safety reasons! Note that the facades have been repainted and re-profiled. I am excited that these “Movie District” era facades are re-purposed for Metropolis!

Let’s talk a bit about the ride experience, shall we? The Riddler’s Revenge is 19 years old, and in recent years was known to have a rattle occasionally. I am proud and excited to report that after complete train refurbishments and excessive state-required testing, the giant steel coaster is running incredibly well and flawlessly smooth. We have ridden center, front, and back of both trains and have ridden it all night long. I can confidently state that The Riddler’s Revenge is very much part of the park’s star line-up again. It’s running fantastically well.  

Here’s a repaint/light-up sign/train shot for you all! <3 

Back at the party we decided to go back to the pub now there is live entertainment! But before we do so, here’s another shot of the very nice setup! 

The amount of work that the park got done in the 48 hours between my first test rides on Justice League: Battle for Metropolis and the event was simply impressive! The live band playing right next to the DC Super Hero Store was a fine touch. 

Time to head back to the Metro Park Pub! For those that have yet to see our complete Metro Park Pub preview, you can find that here. 

Now the Metro Park Pub was open to all of the VIP guests, they showed off some of their live music! The nice garden featured a dueling pianos act, and guests get to submit the songs they want to hear. It was very fun to just relax and hang out listening to this very fun and incredibly talented duo play! 

I had to put in that U2 request! 😀 

Alright, time for some more Metropolis. A few beers and plates of good food later, I’m feeling that Super Hero vibe come up! 

The park is getting darker! The Riddler’s Revenge is calling our name for a midnight marathon! But first….

THE GRAND CEREMONY FOR JUSTICE LEAGUE: BATTLE FOR METROPOLIS! The opening ceremony featured the beloved park President Bonnie Weber along with John Wood from Sally Corp, as well as speakers from Warner Bros. This is one of the most impressive opening ceremonies the park has every performed, and was much like a Disney or Universal opening. Which is appropriate because Justice League: Battle for Metropolis is giving these two established theme park destinations nearby a run for their money.

The fireworks, lasers, and light show was synchronized with DC Comics characters soundtracks and speeches and it was one of the best shows I have seen at a theme park, period. Though we don’t always like to admit it, this is unlike Six Flags and they have outdone themselves. The different scenes were impressively well synchronized and the overall length of the opening show was perfect. 

Someone guess what super villain was the topic of this scene in the show? 😛

TIME TO RIDE! To not give away some of the impressive scenes within this upgraded version of the Six Flags popular set of Justice League dark rides, we’ll be discussing some of the highlights, and what sets this ride apart from others! 

The main difference between all of the other Justice League: Battle for Metropolis dark rides and the one opening at Six Flags Magic Mountain is the fact that instead of an indoor queue past pre-show elements, this ride actually features two separated pre-shows that are longer than the original and take enough time to immerse you into the story fully before you hop on the ride vehicles. 

After the second pre-show (seen below), there’s a single rider line, and a regular line, which hold a few car loads of guests at the boarding area. Once on board we ready to get surprised. The motion of the ride vehicles is very impressive, fast, smooth and comfortable. The guns are solid and feel sturdy. During the ride there is PLENTY to shoot at to score more points. Including objects on the 3D screens, as well as physical objects and projections on fog screens! This is incredibly innovative and that’s the shooting aspect by itself.

Let’s talk about the ride’s incredible animatronics, many more than the original versions, flame thrower, fog effects, and image mapping. If all this wasn’t enough imagine several 180′ degree screens that surround the ride vehicle, entirely immersing guests into the action packed scenes. This ride is at the level of Transformers- The Ride: 3D at Universal Studios Hollywood in the way it moves, except this ride adds physical scenes, animatronics, and the interactive edge.

I am incredibly excited that Six Flags Magic Mountain looked at its respective market near some of the best dark rides this world has ever seen (Disney and Universal), and invested in an upgraded project that could compete. The Valencia theme park has outdone themselves. It is not often that the park derives from building a coaster or thrill ride, and the one time they did they nailed it! Go visit Six Flags Magic Mountain soon and get an air-conditioned ride in on one of the state’s most impressive attractions! 

Thank you for checking out this Justice League: Battle for Metropolis and Metropolis report! We advise you check back soon for our never-ending Six Flags Magic Mountain coverage!

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