Justice League: Battle for Metropolis and Fright Fest TOUR at Six Flags Magic Mountain!

dscn3624-mediumSix Flags Magic Mountain invited California Coaster Kings, along with a few other theme-park bloggers and news outlets, to take a look at the construction site of the new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. In addition to which we also got a full walk-through of the new Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising maze and the Suicide Squad experience! Join us below!

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Let’s start with Justice League: Battle for Metropolis! The Hall of Justice (show building for the ride) will be located where the Action Theater stood, as you may know. dscn3606-medium

Currently it’s mostly a dirt lot, perhaps not very interesting. But the fact that this hall will be 23,624 square foot big should give you a better idea of how large this fully air-conditioned attraction will be. dscn3609-medium

Expect for vertical construction to start soon, as the area is receiving a major face-lift, and the building is particularly large. We saw some VR renderings of the new plaza and show building, it looked incredibly promising. 20160913_150455-medium

Don’t forget that the ride will feature two pre-shows, also part of the building. Which stretches to about the concrete slip you see in the picture below. 20160913_150611-medium

The Riddler’s Revenge will remain pretty much untouched, and being honest the ride runs perfectly fine, color scheme still works great, and it is very well maintained generally. So as expected, it’ll just carry over with the Metropolis update of the Movie District. 20160913_150214-medium

The rock-climbing wall in the area will be taken out, a lot of plants and flowers, as well as a nice view of the Hall of Justice will take its place. 20160913_150623-mediumdscn3612-medium

The new area will also receive a lot of other upgrades, not all have been decided on yet, but expect lots of color! For all the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis ride details and our opinions, click here!Justice League_Battle with Lex Luthor (Large)


Though we went to Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising first… I wanted to focus on the Suicide Squad: A Six Flags Fright Fest Experience first, as you know… it’s related to some of the characters we find on Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. Here’s the very cool entrance to the Scare Zone, which you may have seen in one of our recent updates. dscn3643-medium

Both the the entrance logo and the emblems on the archway are from official Warner Bros. licensing. The park is going full-out with this experience… so hold on you’re in for a wild ride! dscn3645-medium

The themed area will feature scenes from the new Suicide Squad movie, including the helicopter seen here. dscn3647-medium

This will also be one of the four photo-ops in the area. The other three will be located towards Batman: The Ride! 20160913_162224-medium

The area will use projection mapping in addition to the light show we saw last year as well. The projection mapping will set the scene for the light show, so say there’s a scene from the movie used for 3D scares, the whole light show will be based around that. dscn3651-medium

But there’s more… the area will also be home to one of the most impressive audio experiences in the history of Halloween events. The park utilizes sound effects from the new movie along with music we’re all familiar with (including but not limited to Kanye West and Queen music). dscn3650-medium

Besides the awesome sound effects, light show, projection mapping, movie scenes and soundtrack… there are also amazing costumes involved, bringing guests Harley Quinn, The Joker and his Henchmen and Killer Croc pretty much identical to the movie. For any Suicide Squad and DC Comics fan, you will have to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest this year! dscn3644-medium


Let’s move on to the next big Fright Fest expansion at the park! The new Scare Zone: The Ruins which is the introduction to the new MEGA maze that is The Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising, is located in front of Apocalypse.  dscn3613-medium 20160913_155408-medium

But let’s focus on the real amazingness for this year’s Fright Fest. An enormous maze three times the size of the old Aftermath… AFTERMATH 2: CHAOS RISING!dscn3615-medium

The entrance here leads to the maze’s line, which happens to the be…20160913_153044-medium 20160913_153053-medium

THE OLD DEJA VU LINE. Yes, yes I shed a tear. It was a very emotional moment. 😛20160913_153311-medium

They touched up the line nicely, and it looks as if it was never deserted. The park also added a large amount of speakers to start the in-depth story telling of the maze while you wait in line. The lines are expected to be long, but this will be the nicest line you’ll ever wait in for a Fright Fest maze. To add, the park has designed this maze to have a large guest throughput to keep lines moving. 20160913_153350-medium

Another tear was shed when I was reminded of the Flash Pass entrance of Deja Vu. (Deja Vu fans will get a nice kick out of this maze and its line). dscn3617-medium

I won’t give away most of the maze’s details to keep it a very nice surprise for you all, but let’s talk about some of the sets by daylight, shall we? dscn3618-medium

Lots of what you see is generally very large, and those huge set pieces (as seen in the picture above and below) are from the old Batman theater/ Action theater, and were used for the original Aftermath maze. 20160913_153758-medium

The maze combines A LOT of different maze layouts. It features several large open-air scenes, the Ashville city-scape. As well as several indoor story-immersive scenes, pre-show rooms, post-show rooms, choose your path section, and a first ever… SCARE ZONE INSIDE A MAZE! Where guests roam the city trying to escape… This right here, in the picture below is one of the choose-your-own-path scenes. dscn3623-medium

The maze is filled with details and immersive scenery, similar to the quality of the original Aftermath. 20160913_153732-medium

Remember these set-pieces from the original Aftermath? dscn3626-medium dscn3625-medium dscn3624-medium

Once you pass under this traffic light… you may have escaped the world’s only in-maze scare zone, but there’s a lot more coming your way! dscn3630-medium

As I mentioned above, the maze will feature a lot of story-telling smaller scenes, which I won’t give away, but it’s truly great to see the original grand-feel of the Aftermath remain in addition to all the new detail. Here are more props you may be very familiar with 😉dscn3632-medium dscn3635-medium

By the way this maze is located all around Apocalypse, which will run during Fright Fest, making the experience even greater as the post-apocalyptic coaster-chase happens just a feet away from you!20160913_154424-medium

The park was also very proud to introduce a lot more gore into their new maze. Ready for a blood-bath? You better be. dscn3639-medium

Overall the maze covers half a mile in distance, features too many scenes to count, and has a crew twice as large as that of other mazes. And for those Aftermath lovers… there’s plenty of huge set-pieces to look forward to, it truly will be an immersive experience. 20160913_154540-medium 20160913_154617-medium

I won’t be discussing the surprise ending to the maze, but I very much look forward to experiencing it on Saturday! (When Fright Fest opens for the season). The light, fog, sound, and other effects will create an experience you won’t want to miss! 20160913_154431-medium

Last but not least, a quick in-park overview of the maze line up, including the Suicide Squad experience. Stay tuned as we’ll be at the event in a few days for Opening Night! 20160913_160003-medium

sps-2016-thumbnail001-largeThanks for checking out this construction tour and Fright Fest preparation post! We have lots of recent coverage including a new Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update, a Vortex: The Last Stand article, a Quicksilver Express Ride Review, a Gilroy Gardens park walk-through, so check some of it out!

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  1. So, in the VR experience where you saw the entrance for JL, was it any different from the other JLs? Or was it your standard entrance facade with the arch reading “HALL OF JUSTICE” and the little ‘JL’ blue sign on the front? I really hope they change it up for this version as they are getting a different version. Cause the current facade is getting kind of old…

  2. This update was the best one yet, I live these park updates especially when i have no clue whats going on. (90% of the time). Keep up the amazing work!!

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