Holiday in the Park preview at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

After the Twisted Colossus Construction Tour there was a Holiday in the Park preview for the invited media. And let me tell you this before anything, Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Magic Mountain will phenomenal! There will be different kinds of food, amazing theming, entertainment, and more!

Let’s start at the front of the park, which will be transformed into Holiday Square for Holiday in the Park. The park decided to choose bright colors for the trees, to emphasize on the fact that Six Flags Magic Mountain focuses on more extreme and high energy entertainment. Which is really cool, because this way they create a very unique event that looks nothing like other traditional events. 20141125_190537 (Large) 20141125_190656 (Large) 20141125_190528 (Large) Holiday Square has snow machines, that will create a snowy wonder land 3 times an hour! 20141125_191027 (Large) 20141125_190502 (Large)This is what the Holiday Square will look like when people enter the park. There will be food carts with Holiday foods. The Valencia Falls fountain will be a unique liquid Christmas tree, which will change in colors and patterns with the use of lighting!20141125_194115 (Large)20141125_190510 (Large) 20141125_190946 (Large)  On the other side of Flags, a lot of pink and orange were used. When we were first told of the bright colors (before I saw it), I was a bit skeptical, since I didn’t want that Holiday feeling to get destroyed by it, but once we walked up to the Holiday Square, I saw how amazing it looked. It really works out very well!20141125_193927 (Large) Over at the entrance, in between Cold Stone and Suzette’s Bakery, a group of carolers were rehearsing for opening night on Friday. Six Flags Magic Mountain decided to give a little twist to the most traditional act as well, which is really cool, the carolers combine classic holiday songs with modern tunes. All vocally done. We were watching them for a while, and they are very good! Can’t wait to see them again on Friday!20141125_194240 (Large) 20141125_194515 (Large)

Six Flags Magic Mountain also uses the Full Throttle plaza to its full potential during Holiday in the Park. The plaza, which received very appropriate Full Throttle-esque theming, will host Snowy Nights. From 4’15pm ’til closing DJ Nel and Ricky Rocks will celebrate the Holiday season in a Full Throttle high energy way!20141125_185616 (Large) The stage looks a bit basic, but still very cool. And of course there are dancers! In our video (that you can see below the post) you will see them dancing! 20141125_190131 (Large)

The area will have snow machines, going off throughout the night. The cool trees in the center of the plaza light up synchronized with the music and lighting on stage! 20141125_185624 (Large) 20141125_185810 (Large) 20141125_185554 (Large)

From the exit of Revolution to the exit of Roaring Rapids the park has their all new Winter Wonderland. Not only does it look amazing by day, it looks even more fantastic at night. be aware, these pictures don’t do it justice. As soon as you approach Winter Wonderland, you’ll instantly be drawn into the amazing scenery. 20141125_191931 (Large) In Winter Wonderland, guests will find 8 different reindeer which are entirely made out branches, then were painted white, and covered in lights and fake snow. Kudos to the entertainment team at Six Flags Magic Mountain that designed most of the props!  20141125_192208 (Large) 20141125_192219 (Large) Be honest, this looks fantastic, and this picture doesn’t event do Winter Wonderland any justice! 20141125_193215 (Large) 20141125_192340 (Large)Over at Katy’s Kettle, guests will find lots of colorful light decorations, as that’s where Santa’s Workshop is located over there. Guests will take a picture with Santa Claus and his elf inside the photo-op workshop, after which they exit into Mrs. Claus’ crafts workshop, where they can decorate antlers, cookies, etc. It’s going to be very interactive!20141125_192227 (Large)

Though the Holiday in the Park night full-on production doesn’t start ’til 5PM, Winter Wonderland is more of an all day attraction, and Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa are in Winter Wonderland from 1PM- Closing. 20141125_192407 (Large) 20141125_192423 (Large)20141125_192246 (Large)

The snow sculptures look great during the day, and even greater at night. It will snow 3 times an hour all night during Holiday in the Park over at the snow sculptures!20141125_192025 (Large) 20141125_192046 (Large) 20141125_192057 (Large)

Moving on to DC Universe, where one of the largest light-shows on the West Coast is located. The area will be known as Rockin’ Universe during Holiday in the Park, and will be absolutely amazing for each and every guest. The large light show uses tens of thousands of lights that are all synchronized to in-house composed soundtracks!  20141125_182930 (Large)20141125_184137 (Large) 20141125_183249 (Large) There are three different shows in Rockin’ Universe. One will be displayed every 15 minutes. The shows are about 5 minutes long, and completely immersive. We got to see the first version of the show, parts of which I recorded and put in the preview video on the bottom of this post. 20141125_184132 (Large) 20141125_184106 (Large) 20141125_183440 (Large)

The tree in front of DC Universe is also part of the show. The tree is named tree of heroes. It has many different synchronized patterns, each DC Universe character has their own pattern on the tree. At night, during the full-on production of Holiday in the Park, these DC Universe characters are at the tree for picture taking. The trees has ornaments hanging in it that all represent local fire fighters and police men, as our real heroes. Which is pretty deep, and I think the park should receive some respect for their thoughtful act. 20141125_183230 (Large) 20141125_184436 (Large) 20141125_184444 (Large) 20141125_184547 (Large)

The park has lots of traditional foods for Holiday in the Park. They tried to provide something unique and Holiday-ish at every single food location through out the park! Here’s a picture of the back of the Holiday Guide with all specialty food!20141126_144606 (Large)

Overall I know for a fact that this Holiday event will be amazing. Management is very excited and proud, and heck yeah are they allowed to! Even the preview was absolutely amazing, the entirety of the event is very immersive! There are many things to do, and I absolutely love that Six Flags Magic Mountain is putting up a Holiday event in their style, which is always a bit more extreme than other parks. It’s pretty awesome that this is their first year, and they’re already creating one of the largest Holiday in the Park events in the entire Six Flags chain!

There will be three areas with snow effects. Holiday Square and Winter Wonderland will have snow fall three times an hour, Snowy Nights will have snowfall based on the entertainment schedule they follow!

I’ll be there Friday, and whenever you’re going to be there (believe me, you will want to visit this event), you’re going to love it! Below’s a video of the preview!

The preview was on the same day as the Colossus Construction Tour, so make sure to check that out as well! Click here to be directed to the post.

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  1. It’s been a long time, since I’ve been to Six Flags. Its definitely time to visit. Thank you for the pics, love the Christmas decorations/lights.

    1. Thanks for visiting! Yes, Six Flags Magic Mountain has stepped up their game in many different ways recently, the park is rapidly moving in the right direction of a great future!

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