Hidden Mickeys

Although many believe that Walt Disney may have began placing Hidden Mickeys in rides since the beginning, the first public sighting of a Hidden Mickey was published in 1989 in The Eyes and Ears of Disney, which was a weekly Disney employee magazine.This leaked publicly over the years, and became a fun competition for young and old Disney visitor alike.  For the parks 50th anniversary the park placed 50 “new” hidden Mickeys around the park, which are gold and feature the number 50 in the center, however, Walt Disney inc has never acknowledged the existence of the original Hidden Mickeys.  This being said, Hidden Mickey sightings cannot be justified or denied, no matter how obscure. hidden-mickeys-disneyland

The most commonly spotted Hidden Mickey is located on (spoiler alert!) Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, in the location where the dead bodies fall at you, skeleton is wearing a mickey ears cap, bones

Another thought of Hidden Mickey was located in the now defuncted ride Journey Through Inner Space, when rider passed the water molecules, that appeared to look like Mickey.  The spotting of these Hidden Mickeys are countless around Disney parks around the world.  Next time you’re at a Disney park, be sure to have your eyes out for a Hidden Mickey.

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