Goliath @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

For this Ride Review we’re looking at perhaps the most underrated Hyper/Mega out there. Goliath runs as smooth as it did opening season 13 years ago! Which is amazing! Enjoy the Ride Review!


Goliath opened in 2000 as world’s tallest and fastest continuous coaster. It ran butter-smooth, and still does. Goliath has always been a fan-favorite, and long lines are definitely worth it! (For first-timers at least).


If there is one ride you can’t miss when walking past it, it’s Goliath, the 230 ft. tall monster towers over the midway and the gigantic sign saying; ‘Goliath’. As you approach the super structure you will have to pass behind the ‘I’ of GOLIATH to enter the line. The line is located at the foot of the giant, and is rain-forest themed. The line exists out of switchbacks that are not all connected creating the sense of a zig-zag line in the middle of a forest. Once guests have passed through the forest (which has misters), they will reach the temple-like station building that looks huge from down where the line is. They will pass under an arch to enter the ‘temple’ and will pass under the track to reach the sky-high stairs to get to the station. Once up in the station, riders get to choose what row they want to board. We advise you to board rows 1, 4, 7, 10, or 13, if you’re taller than average since the other rows tend to have no space whatsoever. You will board one of the fastest operating rides, and you’re ready to go!


Once the train leaves the station, it will make a 180′ degree turn to approach the lift-hill. Once the 1 minute, 230 ft tall lift hill is reached, people start to freak out. After a minute you’re up 230  ft in the sky, being able to see every single spot in the valley and of course the park. The train will slowly crawl over the top… and will plunge 255 ft straight into the ground. The tunnel is 120 ft long, and 20 ft deep, but due to the 85 MPH speeds it will feel like nothing. The train will then fly back up making a small banked turn that swings you around to dive down again straight at the ground, as the train is about to reach the bottom some crazy action-photos will be taken. Riders will then experience an amazing ‘airtime’-hill in which riders will experience an extended period of ‘floating’-time, before curving up-ward to hit the first brake-run!


The train will now complete slow down, and will stop for a couple of seconds, it will then slowly bank and drop in a curve speeding up again. It will then spiral into an over-banked turn. Once it banking straight up again, riders will see the giant helix come, and will rapidly fly into one of the most intense helices in the world. Even ‘trained’ coaster enthusiast may grey-out a little. Once you’re ready to breath again, the aprox. 570′ degrees helix has come to an end. The train will then dive into another curved banked turn, before diving under the entire structure to return to the station. The train will make a final turn before hitting the final brake-run.


Once the train has returned to the station after a crazy 3 minute adventure, the lap-bars will open up, and riders will leave the station on the left-hand side. The exit path is basically a long ramp down with one side closed, and the other side, which is facing the ride and line, open. Once guests have walked down the pretty long ramp, they will approach a hut, where they can view, and purchase, their on-ride photo. They will then exit on the side of the huge ‘GOLIATH’ sign.

The Goliath station.
The Goliath station.

Riders will need to be atleast 48 inches tall in order to ride Goliath. Goliath’s lines are unpredictable, and can be either very short, or can be 2 hours in an instant. If you really want to ride it on your trip to MM do it either first thing in the morning or around 2 hours before closing. Please keep in mind that how ever long the line may seem, this is one of the fastest moving lines, and a line filling up half of the switchbacks can end up being only 20-25 minutes of wait. It’s very unlikely for the line to get huge, but on crowded days this may be the case.

The line before the switchbacks.

When ever you’re at MM next time, don’t forget to check out Goliath, since it is one of the smoothest, longest, tallest, fastest, and most intense rides out there!

5 Replies to “Goliath @ Six Flags Magic Mountain”

  1. This ride is amazing! I love the first drop and once you get to the top of the hill, it slows down and then you go. You get all nervous and scared at the top. But this is an amazing ride that you will never forget. But the issue is that the line goes so slow though! Overall, this is a ride I look foward to when going to Six Flags Magic Mountain, The Trill Capital Of the World! 🙂

  2. We totally stopped on Goliath today!! It’s was horrifying !!on that really sideway turn were you kinda slow down before turning our cart stopped !!! Felt like we were calling off for sure, everyone was in a panick, then it lunged coward a foot and got stuck again!!! It was freaking scary!!

  3. I think the line moves slower now that they’ve added those stupid seatbelts. Oh well, I guess they’re necessary evils. Goliath is, though, a very fun ride. That first drop just seems to go on forever, and the tunnel at the bottom just swallows you up. But why did they ever put lights in the tunnel? And, yes, I do fuzz out a little in the helix sometimes even though I am an experienced coaster rider.

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