Gold Striker at California’s Great America

The new woodie at CGA is definitely the best wooden coaster in California. Gold Striker came to the park after a long time without any new rides, the ride that they chose to create is definitely worth the long lines.

Gold Striker is conveniently located at the front of the park, next to the Star Tower, and the Carousel. The ride is filled with tunnels, and thanks to it’s millennium flyer trains, is also incredibly smooth. It’s longer than the rival park’s woodie, and is the longest woodie in northern CA, with a track-length of 3,197 ft. Gold Striker is 108.2 ft tall, and reaches thrilling speeds of 53.7 mph. Gold Striker is a GCI woodie, and has 2 trains with 12 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in a single row for a total of 24 riders per train.


When you pass under the track and the GS sign you will see a sign indicating how long the line is, and since it is a new ride, lines are expected to be long, anytime. But as you get in the line, the path leads to the switchbacks, you will be able to purchase some drinks here, if you’d wish to. The switchbacks are big, and the line seems awfully long, but good for the riders, the line moves really fast, and the entire line filled up, is only about an hour wait. Once you completed the switchbacks, you will enter the ‘mines’ and will then be re-directed to the station-stairs. Once you have reached the station, the ride-op will assign you a row, which are clearly indicated. Once you’ve boarded, buckled your private seat-belt and locked your restraint, the adventure begins.


When the train leaves the station it will makes some weirdly banked turns and starts going up the lift hill. When you are on top of the lift hill the awesome, and unique, tunnel drop takes place, the head-chopper effect makes this rather softly banked drop an amazing experience, and before you know it, you will shoot out of the tunnel racing all the way past the station, where right after the on ride-photo machine, you will have some more head-choppers as you pass under some wooden beams. From that point on there is non stop actions where you will pass by close walls, mine-shafts and other parts of the ride. The overall ride duration is 2.30 minutes, and packs a punch!


It’s a great ride! So check it out when you have the chance to!



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