Gilroy Gardens Update for November 30th 2014

Gilroy Gardens may be one of the lesser known parks out there, but they are gearing up for their annual Holiday Lights event, and it looks fantastic!

It was pouring when we showed up, and thus the park was 1 (43)

The entrance is all decorated for the holidays. It’s a little hard to see, but there are Christmas lights that correspond with the color of the sign.

Sycamore Bridge, the bridge that goes from the entrance to the actual park area, has been themed to Candy Cane 1 (12)

There are many candy canes hanging from the trees, embedded with lights, just like the entrance 2 (11)

The collection of trees just past Sycamore Bridge have also been draped in 4

Many of the stores have been outlined in lights as 2 (2) photo 1 (1)Some of the hedges have also been covered in lights, especially around the rock 1 (7)

The Events Plaza was pretty popular during the rain, as it is covered. For the holidays, it is themed to Snowflake 1 (3)

Children can meet the Peanuts characters, and Santa 2 (3)

The lake has many scenes depicted in Christmas lights. photo 3 (3)

The upper level of the lake also features a large light display resembling a Christmas 4 (3)

Bonfante Falls was closed for Holiday Lights preparation, and there are lights all over the back rock 1 (4)photo 2 (4)

The Holly Garden has large cut outs that depict Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Nice to see some 3 (1)photo 2 (1) photo 1

The Camelia Garden is being converted to Santa’s Workshop. There are tons of decorations hanging from the 4 (1) photo 5 (4)

The Toy Soldier is now surrounded by nutcracker 4 (9)

There are more large cut out decorations extending all the way down to the Butterfly 3 (10)

South County Backroads, a ride similar to Disneyland’s Autopia, has a large 12 days of Christmas sign. The rainy weather caused the park to have many attractions either closed or running one 3 (5)

Quicksilver Express, the park’s main coaster, was understandably running one train during the rainy day. Despite the one train operations, we really did enjoy it! It’s fun and smooth family coaster with great landscaping, and a cool bit of theming!photo 2 (5) photo 1 (5)

Timber Twister Coaster, the kiddie coaster of the park, was down all 5 (2)

Banana Split, the classic pirate ship ride, wasn’t operating 2 (6)

Water Oasis, a small water park area (opened this summer), was of course 3 (4)

Splash n’ Squirt, a water play area, is open only on days with temperatures upwards of 72 degrees. During the torrential downpour, it was obviously 4 (4)

All of the park’s gardens were open, and looking gorgeous even in the 5 (3) photo 3

The landscaping around the park is easily some of the best out 3 (7)

Some of the trees have got some really funky roots. Like the famous Gilroy Circus 2 (7)

The park ended up closing early at 1:30 pm due to weather. Gilroy Gardens was politely to give complimentary tickets to all guests who were inconvenienced by the early closing.

Here’s some Fast Lane and Season Pass news they placed around the park. photo 3 (9) photo 4 (7) photo 2 (8)

This park really is quite unique and a lot of fun! Holiday Lights looks very extensive, and will be another great event for this small family park!

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  1. I miss my childhood I live in Texas and I really miss the outdoor and nice landscapes and the green trees so beautiful wish I could go back and visit this place again

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