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    1. That’s a Roll-Over, in fact Discovery Kingdom’s very own Kong has a Roll-Over. But, a Sea-Serpent Roll is a variation of the Roll-Over by B&M, there is a difference, just not everyone knows about it. The Sea-Serpent Roll has a sort of pause in between the two inversions, instead of rolling over. It’s more like two inversions connected by a little track segment, than a smooth element. This is actually the only real difference besides the fact that B&M is the creator of this element, and only B&Ms have this inversion, even better only Medusa does. It’s a very common misconception, and both elements fall in the same category of a ‘Roll-Over’.

  1. But I have noticed that Smiler also has a little bit of track like that but not as noticeable as what Medusa has… I knew I was mistaken right after I posted about Vekomas though.

    1. I see what you mean. Agreed, but the difference between the two is still present. You could basically say that the one on Smiler is the Gerstlauer variation of the ‘Roll-Over’, although they didn’t give it a specific name, as where B&M gave their variation the ‘Sea-Serpent’ Roll name. But I can definitely see your point. And I looked at it again, and was able to single out the difference. Smiler is still rolling over in a continuous roll, although a stretched out roll. Medusa on the other hand goes through the first part (inversion) gets back up right, makes an S-Transition, and then complete re-enters another inversion instead of rolling-over/through. Hope you understand what I mean with that. But you’re definitely right if you say they’re very similar.

  2. Got it! Thanks 🙂 So the B&M version is like two halves of a typical INTAMIN/B&M corkscrew with a bit of snap at the top plus two halves of loop. But the Gerstlauer version is kind of like two halves of traditional corkscrews plus two halves of loop. B&M’s has a rather flat connecting part compare to Gerstlauer/Vekoma’s.

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