For our 5th Throwback Thursday, we are looking at Flashback.


Flashback was the blue Space Diver from Intamin that wasn’t all too popular. Flashback was located next to Hurricane Harbor and next to Bugs Bunny Land in Six Flags Magic Mountain. The Flashback was generally closed from May to September when the adjacent water park was open. This was because the noise coming from Flashback distracted life-guards, and wasn’t appealing to the waterpark guests. Even outside of these times Flashback’s operation was very sparse. Since the waterpark’s 2003/2004 off-season, the Flashback never operated. It was demolished in mid-December 2007. Meaning that many may remember the ride, but only few have ridden it.


Flashback started it’s life at Six Flags Great America as Z-force where it was pretty popular, and to keep the ride popular, Six Flags moved Z-force to Six Flags Over Georgia. After somewhat success there, the corporation decided to move it once again, but this time without much success.

Flashback , Six Flags Magic Mountain , California

Flashback had 3 trains with 5 cars per train. Where riders were arranged 4 across in a single row for a total of 20 riders per train. (capacity; 1100 riders p/hour) The complaint was often that the restraints hurt, by the time Flashback operated at Six Flags Magic Mountain, the trains had restraints similar to the ones on the park’s Revolution. Due to the constant dives to the side, these restraints ended up hurting most of the riders.


Flashback had a track-length of 1900 ft. and stood 86 ft. tall. The blue with white Space Diver had NO inversions eventhough it seemed like it, they were all side-dives. The ride reached a maximum speed of 35 mph, making it a ride that actually took 1:30min to complete the relatively short track length.

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