Drop Tower @ California’s Great America

This will be a rather short Ride Review of Drop Tower at California’s Great America, which is an Intamin ‘Giant Drop’ drop tower with 6 cars going up the tower individually (each carrying 4 riders)


Riders will approach the 224 ft tall drop tower as they walk towards the back of the park. You can’t miss the tallest structure in the park! A huge sign saying; ‘Drop Tower’ will indicate that the adventure is about to start! Riders will approach the beginning of the line and will basically enter a huge set of switchbacks under an old sun-cover that is tearing apart slowly. Yes, indeed, they still need to fix this area of the park.


Once it’s your turn, a ride-op will assign you cars, and you will walk to either side of the platform and wait at the designated spot. Once the drop cars return, and the gates open, you will be asked to leave all loose articles on the floor, in front of your car, and to be seated. Riders will then close their super soft, custom Intamin OTSRestraints, and a ride-op will come by to make sure you’re seated properly. Once everyone is seated one ride up will come by, and push all ‘final-clear’-buttons, and all cars will go up in the order that they’ve been pushed.


The ride has now begun, and you hear screams from all around the tower as people are afraid of the coming drop. Once you’ve reached the height of 224 ft, the puzzle is complete as all drop cars have reached the top. The car will stop and… boom, suddenly drop. This creates an awesome puzzle-effect for by-standers as they see the perfectly aligned drop cars each fall at a different time, like a complete ‘jigsaw’-puzzle falling apart. The cars will drop for about 2-3 seconds ’til the reach their top speed of 62 MPH, and will come to a sudden stop. The ride is over, and it will take every rider a while to realize what just happened.


Over all this is a fun ride, which has a pretty quickly moving line. The ride looks faded, and is in need of a refurb, as in, a super refurb. But other than that, it offers a nice view, a quick drop and a great ride experience. It’s nice to look at, and it’s often worth the wait. The lines can get to be about an hour, which we wouldn’t wait since it’s not as good of a drop ride as Supreme Scream, or of course, Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom.

Check it out if you haven’ been on it. You can never go wrong with a drop-ride!

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