Don’t fix something if it isn’t broken. Invertigo’s Revenge

‘Don’t fix something if it isn’t broken’. This is the statement that describes the removal and relocation of Invertigo that was taken out of California’s Great America after the 2010 season. Though Invertigo wasn’t perfect, what occurred after its relocation was definitely far from perfect!

Cedar Fair removed Invertigo, a star at CGA, to relocate it as a new attraction at another one of their parks. Instead of first putting in a new coaster when they purchased the park to add it to their chain, Cedar Fair ultimately went ahead and relocated the popular Vekoma ride to Dorney Park, where it would open as Stinger in 2012. The old Invertigo area then became a simple yard of grass, even though Cedar Fair promised a new ride in the old Invertigo spot.Stinger_HomepageSlider

The very funny thing is, Cedar Fair now has more maintenance problems with the ride than ever before. The ride has had its issues at California’s Great America, such as the 2009 stalling of the train (after which the ride was shut down for 11 months), but non as annoying, time-consuming as at Dorney Park. One may claim that Stinger is pretty much SBNO most of the time. Rollercoaster Stuck

Ever since the relocation of Invertigo, which had one big incident whilst still at CGA and 2 other lift-hill incidents, the ride has already undergone 3 incidents at the new location. Though it also had 3 incidents between 1998-2010 at CGA, 3 incidents since a recent reopening is rather much. On June 6, 2012, Stinger experienced an incident where riders were stuck for approximately an hour and a half on the first lift. They were eventually brought to safety. According to Dorney Park officials, this incident was completely different from the 2009 incident at California’s Great America. Then, on June 17, 2013, the roller coaster became stuck again for an hour and a half. Eventually, a couple of weeks ago, on May 2nd, 2014, 2 riders requested to be transported to the hospital as a precaution after an incident occurred on Stinger. The incident, where the train very suddenly stalled on the second lift-hill, caused lots of damage to several parts of the ride’s mechanisms. The train has been removed, and Stinger is not expected to open any time soon. Due to the unknown scale of damage done on the ride, rumor has it that Stinger might be down for the rest of the 2014 season.stinger-stalls-with-riders-138-feet-up-GNgY

Now we think; isn’t that funny? 3 incidents in 2 years, leading to a downtime more-so than actual operations. Doesn’t look like a smart move to us, at all. And here’s where the saying comes in again; ‘don’t fix something if it isn’t broken’. Perhaps Invertigo was a little broken, but we believe that Cedar Fair should have operated Invertigo at California’s Great America, where it ran alright (especially compared to Dorney), and where it was quite popular!

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