Disney and Vekoma: A Match Made in Heaven

When Disneyland built their first Vekoma coaster, no one would have guessed this would be a relationship that would last for a while.  This coaster was the Gadget Go coaster, a Vekoma 207 meter Junior Coaster, which doesn’t even reach 30 ft or 25 miles per hour.  It opened in 1993 as the first roller coaster in the Mickey’s Toon Town section of the park.  Since then, Vekoma has built another coaster for Disneyland, 3 for the 3 parks in Orlando, 4 for the 2 parks in France,1 for Disneyland Tokyo, and 2 for Hong Kong Disney.  All of the following listed are Disney Vekoma coasters:

Gadget’s Go Coaster (California and Tokyo): a Vekoma Junior (207m) coaster based off of the character Gadget from the Disney TV show Chip n’ Dale and located in Mickey’s Toon Town in both parks.  Opened in 1993 (California) and 1996 (Tokyo).

Space Mountain (California and Hong Kong): a Vekoma indoor, space themed coaster located in tomorrowland and featuring onboard audio.  Opened in 2005 (both parks).

Rock n’ Roller Coaster (Orlando and Paris): a Vekoma indoor looping launch coaster with onboard audio featuring Aerosmith.  The ride features 3 inversions and a 0-60 mph launch, making it the fastest coaster in France.  Opened in 1999 (Orlando) and 2002 (Paris).

Barnstormer (Orlando): a custom made Vekoma junior coaster that is very similar to the Vekoma (207m), which is what Gadget’s Go Coaster is.  It is themed to be an airplane ride.  Opened in 1996.

Expedition Everest (Orlando): a themed coaster of a secret route to Mt. Everest guarded by a yeti.  It is the most expensive roller coaster in the world, worth 100 million dollars an goes both forwards and backwards.  Opened in 2006.

Space Mountain: Mission 2 (Paris): a Vekoma indoor inverting custom launch coaster themed to be in outer space.  Opened in 1995.

Casey Jr. Le Petit Train du Cirque (Paris): a Vekoma powered coaster, which claims to be the first coaster to feature onboard audio.  The name translates to the little circus train.  Opened in 1994.

Big Grizzly Runaway Mine Trains (Hong Kong): a Vekoma coaster through fictional Grizzly Gulch that goes both forwards and backwards.  Opened in 2012.

Big Thunder Mountain (Paris): a Vekoma mine train coaster that opened in 1992.


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