Disney and Lucasfilms: Back at it Again

In June of 2011, Star Tours, the classic Disneyland ride that opened in 1987 but closed in 2010 reopened as Star Tours: The Adventure Continues.  This ride featured many new technological advancements such as HD and 3D videos, new animatronic characters, and interactive and changing ride experiences.  Now Disney and Lucasfilms are at it again to update this ride for the new Disney Star Wars film slated to open in 2015.


Speculations of this began when Disney purchased the Star Wars and Lucasfilm brands in late October of 2012, and have began to be confirmed by Disney sources in July of 2013.  The new update to the ride will definitely feature new planets that will be featured in Disney’s new film.  There are some flaws with this idea.  For example, The new films will not feature C3PO, who plays a major roll in the both the ride and Line Queues.  Many speculate that some “Star Speeders” will have a new robot placed in them, while others speculate that all C3PO animatronic figures will be updated to look like newer generation “droid”.

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