Cyclone Bay Construction Update – Six Flags Magic Mountain – July 12th 2018

Sean: Six Flags Magic Mountain has started construction on a big new project before they even opened CraZanity. Cyclone Bay is currently under construction, and the park is moving fast to free up space and add their next additions. The park has yet to announce what their next new attraction will be, but for now we can take you along for a quick update on the construction!

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With thanks to Edward from Ride! we have these sharp new images of the construction taking place in Cyclone Bay, which is expected to be home of THE big new Six Flags Magic Mountain attraction, rumored to be a roller coaster.

Cyclone Bay was home to a large amount of buildings, several major up-charge attractions, as well as Apocalypse. Though Apocalypse is currently closed, the up-charge attractions remain open. The buildings on the left side of Cyclone Bay (coming from Jet Stream), have all been leveled with the ground. Buildings past the Xtreme Thrills store that is.

Any structure next to Ninja and Jet Stream, besides the arcade and storage building, have also been leveled with the ground, including the old Spillikin Corners train station that we talked about in a recent update.  

There was a gap in the walls last week, but now construction is under way, that too has been covered up with movable fences. The park seemed to have waited for the All-American Food Festival to end before starting the real demolition and construction. 

Remember what Cyclone Bay used to look like? And how many buildings it had? This is what we are looking at only a week later. The good news is, the Coaster Candy Company on the right in the picture is still open, and I was even told that the park is looking into preserving that piece of Spillikin Corners history. 

There is a lot of space behind these walls, and since Cyclone Bay really needed a refurbishment I wonder if we’ll see a flush return of buildings, or rather the space be used other attractions such as the rumored roller coaster. The park has trademarked the name “Adrenaline Alley”, which seems to be a possible name for the area. 

Here is another shot of the demolition behind the Thrill Shot plot, which I wonder if it will be re-purposed for a ride or entrance. 

Last but not least in this quick update, Apocalypse has already started serious maintenance and construction work as well. In fact pictures that have shown up elsewhere show that from the ride-section that wraps around the queue, a lot of track and catwalks have been removed. I wonder if Apocalypse will receive a new theme with the relaunch of the area. One thing is certain, it’s going to get a lot of work done!

CraZanity has just opened at Six Flags Magic Mountain and is a thrilling new addition to the park’s stellar lineup! Read more about the world’s tallest and fastest pendulum thrill ride, here!

Thank you for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain Update, we’ll be back with more in the next few days. Make sure to check out the launch of our Florida coverage, as well as our Toverland and Fenix report from Europe!

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