Corkscrew – Knott’s!

For our 6th Throwback Thursday we are looking at the first ‘modern’ roller coaster to invert. Corkscrew at Knott’s Berry Farm.


When Corkscrew first opened at Knott’s Berry Farm, it achieved two things of historical significance. Corkscrew was not only the first modern inverting coaster in the world, but it also was the first roller coaster to take riders upside down twice.

Corkscrew was actually a prototype originally built on site at Arrow Dynamics in Mountain View in Santa Clara County, California (before Arrow Dynamics’ relocation to Utah). Once Arrow Dynamics completed reviewing the design, members of the Knott’s family personally opted to purchase the prototype. Corkscrew had a length of 1,250 ft, a height of 70 ft (drop of 62 ft), and reached speeds up-to 46 mph


Ten exact replicas were produced between 1975-1979. In 1989 Knott’s Berry Farm sold the Corkscrew to Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho for $250,000 to make room for Boomerang.


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