Chimelong Ocean Kingdom – Pure Astonishment

Mt. Walrus

Welcome to perhaps my favorite area of the park! Mt. Walrus! See my excitement displayed below:

Mt. Walrus is home to incredible animal exhibits (I mean this is not a surprise this far into the report). The many exhibits include an actual walrus exhibit that’s a 360′ degree experience with a circular river around the enclosure. By far the largest, most detailed walrus display I know of.

We hit the jackpot! Which is not just a reference to the countless animals in the exhibit, but the fact that we got to witness feeding-time!

It was a walrus party at Mt. Walrus!

Really what Mt. Walrus is all about is the giant rock formation walruses that stand tall over the area and tie together all the exhibits and the spectacular Walrus Splash roller coaster.

From real walrus to…

WALRUSH SPLASH! The detailed Mack SuperSplash that is incredibly well-themed, and in true Chimelong Ocean Kingdom fashion travels thru an aquarium.

Unlike all other Mack SuperSplash coasters, Walrus Splash is much larger and features quite the pre-lift with lots of theming and landscaping.

Walrus Splash‘ grand tour of Mt. Walrus features a visit to a family of sea lions.

You get to visit the under water exhibit both from the ride and from the midway, depending on which way of viewing you chose, the angle is different of course. For Walrus Splash the aquarium wall actually curves over the train, improving the illusion of being underwater with the sea lions.

Of course Walrus Splash has a turntable disguised as light tower, followed by the backwards drop.

The ride’s main drop narrowly navigates the giant walrus statues and swings by a smaller sea lion exhibit.

The integration is simply amazing. Just absolutely stunning.

The ride’s final splash down is in the large lagoon around which all shops, restaurants, rides, and animal exhibits are located.

Just to the right of the splash down (left in the picture) is the sea lion exhibit, the wall is themed to a wooden damn that ‘leaks’ water into the lagoon. Genius!

Here’s some more of the ride’s insane beauty. The waterfalls, trees, rockwork, etc. create a unique combination of Cape Cod meets Pacific Northwest. We’re in absolute love with the area.


And a sunset splash down!

Bye our gorgeous Mt. Walrus. Another area that alone outranks whole entire destination parks.

Hengqin Ocean

Last area of the report is the park’s central lagoon, named after the town that the park is located in: Hengqin Ocean! The lagoon is home to a large amount of fountain shows during the day.

The music is audible from anywhere around Hengqin Ocean and creates a wonderful atmosphere during the day.

The fountains are Belagio level quality, and only get better when it’s dark out.

Of course Hengqin Ocean does a great job separating all of the areas and themes in the park.

The sun is setting… are you ready for what’s next?

Not only are all attractions lit up beautifully…

Ocean Resistance

THE WHOLE PARK IS LIT! – The most fantastic show we have ever seen, the one that even brought me to tears, was the park’s Ocean Resistance nighttime spectacular. – You think your cute Disney shows were overwhelming? That’s just it: cute.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom combines a spectacular perimeter fireworks display with projection mapping, laser show, fire effects, jet skis (with fireworks attached), flyboarding (with fireworks attached), fountains, drones, amazing story-telling, original and capturing music, and an after party. Ready to get blown away?

The entire lagoon has an impressive fountain show taking place during the entire show.

Lots of incredible lighting and laser effects meet the projection video mapping on surrounding buildings as well as the giant whale shark statue.

Fountains create a ton of mist.

Enough to create a laser ocean out of it.

The story projected is a lineup of scenes depicting ocean kingdom characters and the fight of the ocean against pollution, etc.

Big fountains! As you may be able to see there are flame throwers angled at the water. At one point in the show the whole lagoon lights up in flames.

As flames engulf the lagoon, the small volcano located inside the lagoon starts to explode with fireworks and flame throwers.


Oh and in the midst of continuous perimeter fireworks, lasers, fountains, and fire, you notice a giant dragon made of drones flying above the show… MIND = BLOWN.

But it gets better. While Hengqin Ocean is still ablaze, fireworks, drones, and fountains are met by a parade of 6 jet skis, that appropriately launch fireworks off their ends.

So here I am , crying. Mouth open, screaming and crying as flames shoot out of the volcano and fireworks launch off of jet skis just feet in front of our faces with a dragon flying above the park.

As giant flames dry my tears, I notice not only the dragon actually looking in different directions (amazing technology), I also notice there are now flyboards, 6 of them, doing front flips around the lagoon.

Oh, and since this is Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, they have FIREWORKS attached to their feet and their backs. Are you kidding me?!

Flames everywhere, including attached to humans while the cute whale shark statue still projects a whole story (easy to forget when your sensory overload is almost too much to handle at this point).

More flames and flyboards!

Okay, so the dragon flew off and now we have a new set of drones programmed to create an ocean of bubbles in the sky and transform into creatures such as jellyfish and manta rays.

Bring back insane amounts of fireworks! – Also, please note that this show lasts roughly 30 minutes.

So let’s combine all the previous elements and once again launch fireworks around the lagoon at high-speed off jet skis!

At this point, I didn’t even know what was going on anymore. Every where I looked, every second something was happening and all I knew is that I was the happiest little theme park nerd in the whole damn world for a day.

The show continued to get more insane all the way up to the end. More fireworks and flyboards made an appearance while the ‘Happy Chimelong’ original score blasted around the resort. (Which for the records is a banging song!).

All around the lagoon the activities continued in spectacular ways.

A large collection of big ol’ Chinese fireworks started marking the finale.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom just absolutely established that they mean business. Every Disney show we’ve ever seen feels so weak in comparison, and we even left EPCOT early the week after, as EPCOT Forever was suddenly no longer a priority.

Oh and then Ocean Resistance may have been over, but Chimelong Ocean Kingdom just finishes the last half hour of park operations with a park wide house party that features amazing projection mapping, light-shows and fountains. As we stumble to the front of the park in awe, all performers were in the lagoon waving at guests.

Ocean Resistance is the perfect ending to any theme park day, especially one as fantastic as Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.

Goodbye Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. I can’t wait for our next visit, and will continue to talk about you day after day. This is how you create the perfect theme park experience.

Wasn’t that a blast? – Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is not only stunning to walk around, they have the best animal exhibits we’ve ever seen. The park has the best coaster integration with the surrounding infrastructure we’ve ever seen. The park has the best entertainment of any park we’ve ever been to. – We’re already planning our resort stay for next year!

BONUS: Check out the park’s amazing nighttime parade! You can enjoy the entire show on video, hosted on our InstaGram:


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