Chimelong Ocean Kingdom – Pure Astonishment

Amazing Amazon

Welcome to the Amazing Amazon, home to three major attractions/rides and a marquee restaurant. The area is lush with vegetation and like every other major area in the park has a marquee statue to signify the center of the area. In this case, it’s a giant tree with large birds on top. Let’s head in to one of the park’s best areas!

First up we have the park’s Rain Forest Tower Drop, which is a floral themed dual Intamin Parachute Tower, one of 40 meters in height, the other in 25 meters. These rides were added after the park’s opening and nicely connect Dolphin Cove with Amazing Amazon.

Next up, we’ll venture a little deeper into the Amazing Amazon in search for the obvious B&M Wing Coaster.

Upon closer inspection it turned out that we had to literally find our way through the forest to get to this coaster. Given we hit the park on one of the slower days, we luckily wound our way to the station with no queue.

Once in the station, the majestic scarlet macaw returned from its journey as we stared at the beautiful marquee of the Amazing Amazon in the background.

Let’s ride this 164 ft. tall Parrot Coaster and talk a bit about the ride experience.

The coaster starts off very strong with a fantastic drop, one that dives right to the ground.

It then enters a dive loop that peaks over the park’s Hengqin Ocean.

The element is nicely drawn out, allowing for the majority of the dive loop to be a big swooping loop down.

The ride then enters a rapid S-turn into yet another drop.

The gorgeous coaster eventually makes its way back to this side of the Amazing Amazon.

Here’s another great look at the massive size of the coaster’s first several elements.

After the S-turn mentioned above, the coaster closely soars over a foggy lagoon before entering a Zero-G-Roll.

On the way back it winds thru several tunnels and drops and eventually appears above the midway, clears the tree and rolls through the infamous B&M Wing roll.

Parrot Coaster is our favorite B&M Wing Coaster. Not only is the ride’s layout varied and a knock-out, the setting and integration are impeccable as well.

This is the only Wing Coaster where you can walk around the area and forget its there – yet it’s so tall and long! The ride’s multitude of tunnels, hidden elements, and interactions with the surrounding terrain is awesome.

And to top it all off, the trains are so beautiful.

This is the coaster as seen from Dolphin Cove, helping you understand how far out the coaster goes before making its way back to the station.

At sunset the ride becomes even prettier, as the trains light up! All 3 trains have a different color lights: red, green, or blue (the train running on our visit).

The Amazing Amazon‘s Rain Forest Restaurant is integrated very well with the unique flat section of the ride where Parrot Coaster flies through the fog and past those eating at the restaurant.

Another look at the amazing presence this ride has from the lagoon in the center of the park.

And its light package! – Wait ’til you see the way the ride lights up when it’s completely dark out!

One thing we didn’t talk about is the finale after the slow roll. The coaster dives back under the midway, makes a sharp S-turn and flies up an intense helix over the entrance of the ride. Parrot Coaster is simply amazing.

Next up was the Amazing Amazon‘s large walk through animal exhibit that along with Parrot Coaster just kind of disappears in the foliage. The exhibit is appropriately named: Journey to the Amazon. The exhibit is home to the smaller but more unique Amazonian Manatees that live in fresh water.

Once making it past the first few aquariums you end up in a massive ‘underground’ section of the Amazon where several very large fresh water aquariums can be found.

The Amazonian manatees have a giant exhibit that the infrastructure surrounds. At several times throughout the course of the exhibit you get to take a look at the same fascinating creatures. In addition all aquariums were packed with fish. This is one of the best animal exhibits we’ve ever encountered.

Just when you thought you had admired all the little peaks and aquarium windows in the vast hall above, you then enter a glass tunnel and get completely immersed into the freshwater amazonian wildlife.

And then there were even smaller side tunnels! The exhibit has so much going on, and it’s all seamlessly integrated into the same few bodies of water that make up this giant exhibit.

Happy little tunnel adventures! We’ll 100% visit this exhibit again next time. I was blown away, like the rest of the area, with the consistency in fauna and flora.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is a sight to see at night. The whole park lights up, and the Amazing Amazon is no different.

The presence of Parrot Coaster and the Amazonian Tree are almost as impressive as the park’s signature Whale Shark statue.

Flood Lights are very effective with the dark mountains behind.

However, the real light show on the coaster was the actual train that lights up all over the place.

Of course Parrot Coaster is an incredible night ride. We rode it in the dark in the front and back, and both are incredible experiences. A can’t-miss night ride!

Please note that Parrot Coaster does have varying hours compared to the rest of the park as the park’s parameter fireworks (Ocean Resistance night time show) are launched around the coaster’s layout.

Ocean Beauty

The world’s largest aquarium is at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. One may ask themselves “why would it be inside a theme park, if it’s the world’s largest aquarium?”. That’s a valid question. What you’re about to see below, I would have gladly paid $80-100 for.

The park’s biggest exhibit, of course, is their main aquarium. The entrance to the aquarium is noted by the giant whale shark in the back of the park that shoots fireworks and lasers at night, but during the day reminds everyone of the powerful park that Chimelong Ocean Kingdom really is.

I am ready to head right in, and then cry some. Are you? – Great we can cry together.

Why cry? Well there’s a ton of school kids screaming. But really I am talking about a good kind of crying because of how amazing this aquarium is. It starts off pretty great with some impressive and large displays.

A wonderfully amazing jellyfish exhibit can’t be left out at any Asian amusement park.

And then we got to the 7-record-breaking mega aquarium. Home to what we thought would be two whale sharks. There were actually five that we counted at once, and word out there is that there is up to eight in the tank!! (Not so sure, but the tank is so incredibly large, you really can’t tell).

The size of these whale sharks was unbelievable, so was the size of the giant manta ray. Though the aquarium is filled with schools of fish and tons of other rays and sharks, it is all just dwarfed by the sheer size of the aquarium and its resident whale sharks.

The tank holds records for largest tank with 22.7 million liters of water (6 million US gallons). The tank also holds the record for largest acrylic panel, 8.3m by 39.6m of glass. The tank holds several thousands of fish and is also home to several walk through paths, dark ride paths, and a restaurant!

I didn’t quite grasp how large the exhibit actually was ’til we were physically standing there. It was an emotional and religious experience.

The moray eel exhibit was no slouch either, as of course any exhibit is harshly judged after seeing the main tank.

Lots of eels!

The park has a Mack omnimover style dark ride that runs through the aquarium – it’s themed to a submarine journey and is appropriately named “Deep Sea Odyssey“. There are several impressive scenes throughout the ride that are not aquarium scenes, rather featuring projection mapping and animatronics.

There are 3 segments at which the ride is physically in the tank by means of glass tunnels – the vehicles even recline for a better view – allowing you to get within a few feet of the whale sharks. It’s an absolutely spectacular and can’t-miss attraction at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. 

Join us on page 3 for Polar Horizon, home to belugas, penguins, bears, and Polar Explorer, the amazing Mack water coaster!

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