Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – April 11th 2015

20150411_131047 (Large)With all the crazy amounts of updates from all around the state recently, we can’t forget about Six Flags Magic Mountain of course. Twisted Colossus is looking amazing, the Screampunk District construction continues, Goliath is closed for quite a while, Grad Nite stages are popping around the park, and there’s a whole lot more to discuss, check it out!  Continue reading “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – April 11th 2015”


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California’s Great America Trip Report July 26th

We’re not always able to cover California’s Great America as much as we want to, but luckily we were able to visit it again last weekend. So here’s a trip-report/update!20140726_183257 (Large)

We arrived really early, as we stayed about 90 mins from the park. But then traffic was not an issue and we ended up arriving around 8’45, an hour before the gates and security opened. It was pretty nice staring at Gold Striker for that time, even while standing far away it’s Cali’s best woodie. 🙂20140726_093420 (Large)

Of course we rode Gold Striker first, because that’s definitely the park’s best coaster. And we were reassured of its amazing-ness. YES, IT IS INDEED THE BEST WOODIE IN CALIFORNIA. We rode it a total of 4 times on a Saturday. Not bad at all! Front Row and Back Row are just too amazing. The longest line all day for it, that we waited in, was about 35 minutes. 20140726_142037 (Large) 20140726_183815 (Large) 20140726_141753 (Large)

We then made our way over to Vortex, which was actually starting to get a line. We soon figured that it was only operating one train, resulting in a small line all day. One way or the other we actually had our smoothest ride yet on it. Very pleasant ride. But due to the line we decided to ride it once, as most other rides had shorter lines all day.20140726_163754 (Large) 20140726_170154 (Large) 20140726_171625 (Large)

We were pretty much just following the circular layout of the park. Bezerker was closed, so we hit up Demon next! 20140726_142316 (Large) Sadly, Demon’s waterfall was turned off. Nevertheless, it was a walk-on all day, so we ended up riding it a bunch of times!20140726_144552 (Large)

Grizzly has some nice patches of new wood! It’s still slightly rough, but the retracking has worked to some degree. Grizzly is a stunning looking coaster nonetheless! 20140726_144759 (Large) 20140726_144809 (Large)

Then it was time to check out that fun 22 story Drop Tower! It’s a very fun drop-tower, though it doesn’t really compare to Lex Luthor and Supreme Scream. 20140726_145042 (Large)Then we headed over to ride Tiki Twirl! We had to miss out on it last visit due to the ridiculous wait time then, but it was still early in the day! (Lines got crazy later in the day!). It’s one of those flat-rides that any park could use. I (Sean) rode one in Movie Park Germany, and these Zamperla Disk-O’s are ideal for almost any person looking for a fun mild ride! Of course we had a great ride on it! Especially when the water-spitting statues turned on! 20140726_145149 (Large)

Next up was… Psycho Mouse! Last visit we decided not to wait in the long line, and we’re glad we didn’t because capacity is hell. The line didn’t seem too long but we still waited about 40 minutes in line. That said, it was a very fun Wild Mouse, as it was our first time on an Arrow Wild Mouse. We really enjoyed it, and it seemed to really ‘throw-you-out’ compared to some of the MACK ones. We were pleasantly surprised to say the least!20140726_145529 (Large) 20140726_145456 (Large)

We then rode the log ride, and Endeavor, before heading over to the 4D theater! Though it’s getting old, it’s a fun attraction that not many other parks offer, and the Happy Feet idea is great! Make sure to check it out next time you’re at CGA! 20140726_163836 (Large)

Last time we were at CGA, we were unfortunate to ride FireFall, without fire. This time though, the fire was there, yay! 20140726_163816 (Large)20140726_172124 (Large)

Delirium is back open! 20140726_174811 (Large)

When we finished our first circle around the park, we rode Flight Deck. Still an awesome little B&M Invert! The new repaint doesn’t only match the wonderful new Levi’s stadium, but also really makes the ride look fresh! 20140726_163725 (Large) 20140726_170524 (Large) 20140726_171030 (Large)

We went to see Aerial Ice Extreme, which was a very nice show! A full review with many pictures will follow! 20140726_155213 (Large)

It was good to see that the old Invertigo spot is finally being used. Maybe not a ride, but every Friday night movies are displayed on the grass lawn.20140726_142727 (Large)

There was a cool ‘Cup-Song’ demonstration going on in next to the Food Festival Food Court. 20140726_145023 (Large)

Here’s the new Auntie Anne’s that was added for the 2014 Season. 20140726_142212 (Large) 20140726_142217 (Large)

We are a huge fan of the Delta Flyer/Eagle’s Flight, so we decided that we needed to ride it all day, so we did, countless many times. 20140726_145809 (Large)

We really wish more of these were around, they offer great views of the park, and relaxing rides! 20140726_145408 (Large)

There were fireworks at 9’45, which we saw while waiting to enter the Gold Striker station, so we couldn’t get pictures of it. We also purchased the All-Day-Dining plan, which is a great deal! One meal every 90 mins is great, especially since most meals in the park cost around $14-15 bucks, and the plan totals to about $30.

Other than that, we like that the park fills up a lot of it’s space with simple grass! Looks a lot better than concrete. Some parks, like Magic Mountain, could learn from this. Patches of green grass are quite simple but make a HUGE difference. 20140726_142040 (Large)

Overall, we had a wonderful day, and luckily crowds were very mild! It’s great to see the park go in a positive direction again. The park looked wonderful with the great weather! 20140726_170204 (Large) 20140726_145600 (Large) 20140726_144608 (Large) 20140726_141601 (Large) 20140726_141853 (Large) 20140726_183800 (Large) 20140726_183914 (Large) 20140726_183909 (Large) 20140726_144543 (Large) 20140726_144809 (Large) 20140726_183818 (Large)

That wraps up our Update and Trip Report! Stay tuned for an interview with Roger from California’s Great America about past, current, and future CGA. And our brand new Aerial Ice Extreme review will be posted later this week!

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It’s the end of 2013, and we thought that it’d be great to look back at the 2013 Season, and take a look at what 2014 will bring.

2013 was the year in which California’s Great America came back on the map with an amazing record breaking GCI woodie. The Gold Striker is a hit with the public, and after some years in which CGA didn’t receive much love, seems to be the beginning of a brighter future for this Santa Clara park.

2013 was also the year in which Six Flags Magic Mountain named itself the Thrill Capital of the World, with the addition of world’s tallest and fastest looping coaster. Full Throttle might be a bit short, but it definitely lived up to our, and many other’s, expectations. The record breaker opened a little later than expected, but it opened with a newly themed area which brings back life to the area. We love the LEDs and lasers used in the new area! The area luckily brought room for expansion, and improvement, the park could basically add anything to it!

2013 also brought us Coast Rider, this fun new family coaster is part of an expansion with family rides, brightening up the Boardwalk section of the park. The family expansion was great for Knott’s! We find it interesting to see a Wild Mouse being placed, but it’s actually really fun, and is a perfect family ride!

2013 overall, was a great year for the Californian theme parks. The parks are off to a great future, and all major parks have received great new additions in the last couple of years. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom had some great in-house improvements, as they remodeled their 2 dolphin stadiums. Thus they had 2 brand new Dolphin Shows, Drench! at the new Toyota Stadium. And Cirque Dreams Splashtastic, which was a huge hit with the public! Knott’s reopened their log ride. Timber Mountain Log Ride has become even more spectacular, and we love the revisions done to the ride.

2013 was also the year of the New Texas Giant accident, which caused the Six Flags seat belt hype. Goliath, Superman Ultimate Flight and Full Throttle are now using seat belts. 2013 was also the year in which we noticed how badly some of our favorite CA coasters need repaints. Tatsu, Ninja, Riddler’s Revenge, Scream!, Goliath, and Viper all need repaints, so do Silver Bullet and Sierra Sidewinder. Hopefully California’s Great America keeps up the hard work, and will finish repainting all rides in 2014. It would also be nice to see the back side of CGA get some sort of make-over this off season, so it’s ready to go in 2014!20130817_183149And then there is the 2014 Season, bound to be another great one for our CA parks. Although all big new rides for 2014 are outside of CA, the most appropriate expansions will still be made for our CA parks. We’re happy to announce that Silver Bullet will receive a paintjob next week! And we’ve also been told that Scream! and Tatsu will receive paintjobs for the 2014 Season.

2014 will bring us a make-over of the Calico Mine Ride at Knott’s. As well as an expansion of Knott’s Camp Snoopy kiddie area. Which brings us to Magic Mountain, which will also expand their kiddie area. Bugs Bunny World will receive a brand new Zamperla Gravity coaster for 2014 with the expansion and rejuvenation of the kiddie area. Six Flags Magic Mountain will also run Batman the Ride and Colossus backwards for a limited time in the spring of 2014.

2014 will also bring us Tsunami Soaker at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom as well as the return of Cirque Dreams Splashtastic, which is a wonderful show that you can’t miss out on! Additionally Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will finally be open year round, as 2014 is their first year of weekly operations! Last but not least is the reopening op Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland, the entire track will be renewed, and we can’t wait for this great coaster to reopen, while totally upgraded!

We wish you the happiest year so far, and enjoy all 2013, and 2014, additions this upcoming season! The CA theme parks are in great shape and bound to give visitors a blast!