Super Poll Sunday – Best New 2016 Attraction in California

sps-2016-thumbnail001-largeWe’re back with another SUPER POLL SUNDAY! Today we let readers vote for the best new attraction of 2016, in California! We have selected seven new attractions around the state as nominees and it’s your turn to VOTE! This year brought us one of the world’s best steel coasters and dark rides, as well as several re-makes of older rides… read on and VOTE! 😀  Continue reading “Super Poll Sunday – Best New 2016 Attraction in California”

Super Poll Sunday – The Battle of the Three California B&M Inverts

sps-2016-thumbnail001-largeWe’re back with SUPER POLL SUNDAYS! Today we let readers vote for the best Inverted Coaster by B&M, in California! Do you think Flight Deck, Batman: The Ride, or Silver Bullet is best? VOTE! It’s been a while since we launched a Super Poll Sunday, and therefore some readers may be unfamiliar with this series. We’re excited to reintroduce the series, so read on and VOTE! 😀  Continue reading “Super Poll Sunday – The Battle of the Three California B&M Inverts”

SUPER POLL- Best Disneyland Resort Coaster

VOTE! (DLR) (Large)It’s that time again, time to VOTE! Today’s Super Poll Sunday, and we want you to let us know what the best coaster at the Disneyland Resort is! Since this poll features all coasters at the Disneyland Resort, you’ll be able to VOTE for Goofy’s Sky School and California Screamin’ from the Disney California Adventure Park, and Gadget’s Go Coaster, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Matterhorn, and Space Mountain from the Disneyland Park. VOTE BELOW! Continue reading “SUPER POLL- Best Disneyland Resort Coaster”

Super Poll Sunday! – Best Airtime in California!

We’re back with a Super Poll! We selected 6 heart-pounding roller coasters from California, and we want YOU to VOTE for the one that has the best Airtime!

Below you’ll see the nominees, BELOW THAT, please VOTE!


What coaster in California has the best Airtime?

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Best Six Flags Magic Mountain Maze of Fright Fest 2014

Today’s the second Super Poll related to Halloween 2014 in California. We’re voting for the best maze at Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest this year! You may read our detailed maze reviews here for help with making your decision!

VOTE below the picture of the nominees!photoGridImage

What's the best maze at Six Flags Magic Mountain's Fright Fest 2014?

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The Halloween polls will close eventually for a follow up announcement for best maze of each event covered, so make sure to vote for the other ones available!

Click here to vote for Knott’s Scary Farm’s best 2014 maze!

Super Poll Sunday — Best Knott’s Scary Farm Maze of 2014!

We’re back with the Super Polls, and this month… Halloween Event Style! This week, the Knott’s Scary Farm Mazes!IMG_2882

Click here for the Maze Ratings and Reviews, and continue below to VOTE!

What's the best maze at Knott's Scary Farm 2014?

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Make sure to also VOTE for Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest best 2014 Maze here!

Super Poll Sunday – First Half of the 90’s

In this Super Poll Sunday we’re looking at the 90’s! But the first half that is, sorry for the Flight Deck and Vortex pictures, they were taken in 2013, before Flight Deck’s repaint. (We reused this picture from our site before a big make-over).

Please vote below the picture! The picture features all nominees.first half of 90s

Please VOTE!

What's CA best coaster that opened in the 1st half of the 90's?

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Super Poll Sunday– Random CA B&M

Sorry that our Super Polls were gone for this long! Here’s a new one! 

Please make sure to VOTE below the picture for one of the 6 RANDOM B&M coasters! Random B&M

Which of the following random CA B&M Coasters is your favorite?

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