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Throwback Thursday–Magic Pagoda and Crazy Barrels

Magic Pagoda was a walk through attraction at Six Flags Magic Mountain, open from 1975 until 1984.  The attraction was located on top of Samurai Summit, between the Sky Tower and Ninja, where The Willoughby’s Resurrected maze stands today.  The best description of this attraction would be a Fun House wit Chinese undertones, thanks to its location in the park.  Park patrons would enter to be greeted by a Buddha welcoming them, and then progressed through the attractions features, such as a hall of mirrors, a strobe light room, and disappearing chambers.  It was advertised as a current technological marvel at the time, but was more used as a way to get out of the summer heat for a while.  It closed in 1984, due too its lack of attendance and expensive maintenance.  There were also rumors that a fire erupted inside, and there weren’t any clear exit routes, which was a major safety hazard.  After its closing, the top part of the building in which it stood became a snack shop, which is why there is still an eating area there today, however that was removed, and the space is now strictly used for Willoughby’s Resurrected during Fright Fest.

magic pagoda

Crazy Barrels was an Intamin Drunken Barrel model flat ride located in Colossus County Fair, between where the old Monorail station and where the Johnny Rockets is located today, across from Center Ring Games.  It opened with the park in 1971 and closed 18 years later in 1989.  The ride was similar to a teacup ride, with the exception of you rode in a barrel, and, the whole ride platform rose up and tilted, so riders spun on an angle instead of flat on the ground.  This ride was replaced with a laser tag style game called laser maze, in which players would shoot at robots which closed a few years later.crazy barrels

Welcome Back X2

20140119_144415As most of you (if not all) already knew, X2 reopened this weekend after approximately 5 months of repairs due to the lift cable breaking. Here at California Coaster Kings, we got to ride it 4 times this past weekend, and for the most part we were very pleased, Our first time, on Sunday, only one train (#2) was operational, which lead to a 2 hour line, however, the ride was well worth it, being one of our smoothest rides, and with extremely audible on board audio. A fair warning, however, many X2 ride ops are cracking down on the loose article rules, and thus requiring riders to purchase lockers, with a locker attendant standing by to “help” patrons, as well as make sure people are not just placing loose articles near lockers to avoid the fee. On Monday, we rode three times. We arrived early for Tatsu ERT, and planned ahead, and headed down the hill early to reach X2 before the park opened.  We waited only about 10 minutes and were boarded on the first and second rows of train #2 again. Once again the ride ran extremely smooth and ran 2 trains, however the audio only worked on one, with static coming through the other. We headed back to X2 around 2 o’clock and waited about a half hour twice.  We rode both trains; the train #2 actually had the soundtrack from the drop and rest of the ride come in once on the exit platform, and the audio on train #3, however very loud in the station, was barely audible on ride. The third and fourth times were also somewhat rougher, however still as good if not better than X2 last summer before closing. All in all we are glad to see the only fifth dimensional coaster in the world, that offers thrills that are Xtreme to the second power, back, and we look forward to many more great years on it.


Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update 1/20/14

We went two days in a row, and since we couldn’t do a photo-update of yesterday, we’re doing one right now.

First off, X2 was running 2 trains, without fire, and malfunctioning music, but still great that it’s open again! Additionally they make you pay for lockers now, even if you have just purchased a souvenir bottle, so we highly recommend you to either not buy a souvenir cup, and live off of free water, or buy one after riding X2. We find it ridiculous that the park tries to sell you these around every corner, and thus forces you to pay additionally to store it. Even Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, which makes you use lockers for EVERYTHING, allows cups in the ride station for free. It’s time for SFMM to also install a special cup cabinet in every station (especially X2) that almost all other Six Flags parks have in use. More on X2’s actual operations tomorrow. (Below you’ll see the new chain motor, nice shade of red!)20140119_135726 20140119_144415 20140119_150035

Let’s move on to Bugs Bunny World! The new entrance is being realized, the carrot club theater is being restored, and Tweety’s Escape is being relocated next to Road Runner!20140120_140646 20140120_140632 20140120_140252 20140120_140204

Additionally, they’re replacing the Canyon Blaster Background, and the tea-cups ride is currently down for maintenance too! 20140120_140449 20140120_140427 20140120_140409

Last but definitely not least, the old Mooseburger Lodge building is being cleared out! We didn’t realize how much available space there actually is, and how great this could look as a sports bar!20140120_140741 20140120_140818

Quick SFMM Update 1/19/2014


Let’s get to it. As the park opened both X2 and Full Throttle were down, both opened up later. X2 was sadly only running one train, resulting in a 2 hour line. The one train ran incredibly smooth, and the music didn’t even fade. Although there are still problems with the fire effects, we had a lovely ride, worth the very long wait.

We’ve also gotten stuck on Gold Rusher for the first time ever. On top of the second lift the system shut down, and we rolled back a little ’til we came to a complete standstill. We were ultimately greeted by a ride-op, very nice guy, which stayed with us ’til the system was restarted 10 minutes later.

Goliath has a bunch of new brakes stored under the storage tracks, not sure when these will be installed.

Riddler’s Revenge’s Station has finally received a small make-over! The ‘question-mark’ lasers have returned! All are working properly again!

Lots more is currently going on at the mountain, such as the BBW transformation. A photo-update will follow tomorrow, after we have visited the park again!

5 Ways to make Sky Tower popular again.

That sad ol’ Sky Tower hasn’t received much love lately, luckily it will reopen on the 22nd of March. Do you think some of the following could be possible for Sky Tower? We sure do! Or would the park have already installed it?

Here are 5 ways that could make the Sky Tower a very popular place again. Of course some money would have to be invested in it, but this landmark would definitely be worth it!

  1. Repaint – As easy, and simple as it may sound, paintjobs make a huge difference. Currently the red color of the Sky Tower is fading to look the same as the Viper track, and quite honestly it doesn’t look well maintained. The iconic tower is known by everyone living around the park, and most visitors will first see the Sky Tower when approaching the park. When standing right underneath, one could easily see the paint peeling off the structure, not the most attractive look if you’re about to board an elevator that will bring you 350+ feet up the same structure. 20140112_135153
  2. Restaurant – We know… many people have written about this before, a restaurant in the Sky Tower. To us, it seems unlikely that the park will ever attempt to install a restaurant up there. But it sure would attract the crowds this wonderful attraction once had. The Sky Tower can be configured to have a dining room on one floor, and a kitchen on the other. And even if that were too big of a project, and the park doesn’t want to limit access to the observation deck to restaurant costumers only, it could remodel the bottom floor of the observation decks only. The bottom would then become 1/3 kitchen, 2/3 dining room. This would open up the traffic to the tower, as they will then be able to use both elevators. One going to the very top floor, for visitors to enjoy the observation deck, and the other to the restaurant. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to make reservations on the bottom of the tower, take up the elevator with a redesigned interior, up to the ‘Sky High’ restaurant? This restaurant could be a quiet, relaxed dine-in restaurant, which the park will no longer have after the transformation of the Mooseburger Lodge into the Full Throttle Sports Bar.
  3. Sky Lounge – An easy, yet GREAT solution. If the park really wants to update the Sky Tower, and attract huge amounts of visitors, they install a modern lounge. The park does definitely not need to reconstruct the bottom deck for this, it would simply be an addition of an awesome light package, 6 TV screens (one in each corner), and some benches with soft seating. The park could install the TVs that will then play Six Flags TV clips, such as the music videos, which will add to the modern style of the Sky Tower. Perhaps some different colors paint can be used indoor, to brighten the observation deck up. Then, similar to Studio6F, there could be a small coffee/ refreshments ‘counter’ inside, where they could install a free-style machine. You don’t have a clue how many people we’ve heard, that wished they could get something to drink and eat up there, this could be a simple solution. Let’s then take a look at the seating, we as CCK love to hang out in the Sky Tower, only major problem… seating. Guests are forced to stand up while visiting the observation deck, most guests end up leaving short after they arrive. If there were to be multiple benches up there, that will have soft seating, it will add to the touch of the ‘Sky Lounge’, and would have visitors stay longer, and come back more frequently. Perhaps the best way to attract staying visitors, is free Wi-Fi, in the ‘Sky Lounge’ only. PCs are too much of a hustle, and will often be defunct, as seen in the Cyber Cafe, but free Wi-Fi will allow guests to use their own devices. All mentioned in #3, will be enlightened by a set of LEDs through out the lounge, that will obviously change colors slowly, creating a relaxing mood. We’re pretty sure guests could hang out up there for hours this way!

    This is what the inside currently looks like.
    This is what the inside currently looks like.
  4. Magic of the Mountain MUSEUM – When the park installed the museum up in the Sky Tower in 2008, it was a hit, people everywhere throughout the park were talking about it, and full elevators went up and down. Guests could discover all of the Mountain’s wonderful history, and spend hours in there. That was the greatest recent attempt to bring visitors to the Sky Tower. But then the park took it out in 2011, and now the only thing left is the carpet. It has probably already become clear to you that some sort of adjustment has to be made regarding the Sky Tower. Bringing back the museum would be a perfect one. There were so many interesting objects, videos, test seats, etc… to see up there, that it will likely draw many visitors again. Only thing the park will have to do this time, is make sure to advertise the museum on the park map. Perhaps the 6 screens from earlier can be installed, so that the visitors can learn about different decades, and their additions, in different corners of the observation deck, while enjoying the wonderful view.terminator_011709_29
  5.  Interactive Family Lounge – If Six Flags Magic Mountain wanted to expand their family attractions line-up more. They could go with a family styled lounge, in which big screens would allow children to play with games, that will correspond with Six Flags Magic Mountain rides. They could also install touch screens throughout the Sky Tower, where you can look at a ride down below on a map, select it, and watch an on-ride video. Which would be perfect for the families with children that are not tall enough yet to ride. The park could of course add benches on the observation deck, like mentioned before, to make it a place for visitors to stay longer. It would be a bit similar to the Cyber Cafe.

These just some availabilities for the park to draw more visitors to this great attraction! Of course the park could do much more than this, and make totally different decisions. That’s why we ask you what you think of the Sky Tower, what should Six Flags do with it, and which of our 5 options would you like to see? COMMENT BELOW!


Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update 1/12/14

California Coaster Kings went to Six Flags Magic Mountain today. It wasn’t too crowded, if crowded at all, but lots of things were going on. Let’s take a look.

First off, one of Sky Tower’s windows was ‘open’, or broken. And the ride will not reopen ’til March 22nd. All entrance and exit paths are blocked. 20140112_135149

Scrambler has been dismantled, and all parts are located next to Apocalypse on the storage lot. Hopefully the ride will get some sort of re-paint, it’s very faded currently. 20140112_120843

Swashbuckler has also been dismantled for maintenance, the ride’s parts are stored partially next to ride and at the storage lot between HH and FT. 20140112_112300 20140112_112309 20140112_112307Additionally, does any one know why these trees, next to Swashbuckler have been marked, will they be removed? 20140112_112315On another positive note, Scream!, which was only running one train today, finally has it’s station music back! We loved the techno music and the auto-announcements. The volume was turned up just right, and waiting to ride has never been this good before.20140112_113248When looking at the Kiddie area expansion, Six Flags Magic Mountain is well on its way. Foghorn’s Railway has been removed, and is stored behind the carrot club theater. Tweety’s Escape is too, the new location for TE will be next to Road Runner Express, the site seems to be ready for the move of the ride. The cleared site will be home to the new kiddie coaster!20140112_110309 20140112_110319 20140112_110342 20140112_110438Just as there wasn’t a line, Lex Luthor broke down, and didn’t reopen for the day. Which we found sad as we were the only ones left waiting at a point. On the more positive note, we did get to see maintenance use the awesome orange remote control.   20140112_162620There is once again some activity going on at the old Thrill Shot site, hopefully we’ll soon see some sort of ride being placed there.20140112_121136

Additionally, Ninja is back to 2 train operations, with new wheels and harnesses, trains 1 and 3 have never rolled this smooth before. Another great thing is Batman. Batman was running one train today, with the other train not being in storage, we have a very strong feeling that the other train is being prepared to run backwards. Since we saw special parts for Batman Backwards located on the storage track between Riddler’s Revenge and Batman The Ride, and exactly half seemed to be unwrapped and gone already, Batman Backwards shouldn’t be too far away! X2 is doing good too, all the chain links are no longer stored on the site, and seem to have been installed, maintenance was working on X2 again today, so we hope for it to reopen soon!

That’s about it for today, as you’ve seen lots has happened. Please comment any thoughts, or additional information below!! Thank you!

Marine World Africa USA Map

Below you’ll find 2 parts of the old Marine World Africa USA map. The maps come from Theme Park Brochures, and are from 1996. This was a map from before Premier came in to build all rides, and was still a marine park/ zoo only. The first 2 maps, are half maps, this is due to the size, so that people can see the map in more detail. Since one half is slanted a bit, the combined picture, of both halves is a bit confusing in the middle. This full map can be found on the bottom of this post.

photo 1 (20)photo 2 (19)

Africa USA

Mooseburger Lodge — Full Throttle Sports Bar

The Mooseburger Lodge will likely turn into a Full Throttle themed sports bar! Several people have been told this. The restaurant is currently under construction, and will reopen , perhaps re-themed as a sports bar in either March or April. The park seems to be taking a distance from the previous ‘High Sierra Territory’ theme, and it wouldn’t surprise us if the park will soon transform the entire area into some sort of theme that will bring more attention to both Full Throttle and Bugs Bunny World.20140103_135545 20140103_135612

It seems that this one tree, will not be part of the new sports bar, and will be scrapped. 20140103_135608

The park made nice signs that they’d put on the doors of the restaurant. Showing all guests that it will not reopen ’til the renovations have been finished. 20140103_135623

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Holiday in the Park

It was the time a year, in which Six Flags Discovery Kingdom held their annual Holiday in the Park!

The entire park was nicely decorated, and the park had a lot of props this year! Almost the entire park was decorated as a matter of fact, except for the zoo section, since that closes earlier. We don’t have pictures of it, but the park even had their very own snow hill, where guests could sleigh down the hill, and play with snow on top of the hill as well. 20140101_112043 Continue reading “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Holiday in the Park”

Tsunami Soaker Construction Update

Tsunami Soaker construction has started at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! For a description of the ride and more info first, click here

Below you’ll see some pictures of the construction site. Nothing majorly important has happened yet. So far, the old Wave Jumper ride that used to be in the spot across from Roar has been dismantled and is being stored next to Superman Ultimate Flight. 20140101_115637 Continue reading “Tsunami Soaker Construction Update”

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Trip Report 1-1-14

The first day of 2014 was a perfect day to visit Discovery Kingdom. The park was literally empty! We were the first guests of 2014, and had a great time. Let’s see what was going on at SFDK.

We arrived at the park, and we’re surprised to be one of the very first guests, and this only 40 minutes before park opening, eventually when the gates opened, we were the first guests to enter, and with our Gold passes we were also the first to enter the Oasis Plaza with the early entrance. We decided to ride Sky Screamer first since Medusa was still closed, and Kong hadn’t even start testing yet.20140101_105008 Continue reading “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Trip Report 1-1-14”