SeaWorld San Diego- Late December 2018

Derrion: The holidays are finally over, which means we will have so many updates for you all in the coming weeks. Over the holidays, we had such an amazing time visiting Sea World San Diego on Christmas Day. This was a very impromptu trip and even though it had been raining the entire day we managed to have a blast.

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Mako – New Dive Coaster + Other Changes for SeaWorld San Diego – Our Thoughts

Sean: SeaWorld San Diego is planning on expanding the park not just through new events but also new attractions, such as one of California’s largest roller coasters. At a recent forum last week SeaWorld San Diego presented their plans for the next few years in detail. Among special events and touch ups around the park, too come new encounters and the chain’s second “Mako“. Continue reading “Mako – New Dive Coaster + Other Changes for SeaWorld San Diego – Our Thoughts”

Journey to Atlantis – Rebuild Update – Late November 2018

Sean: Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld San Diego closed last month to undergo a lengthy, but much needed refurbishment. Journey to Atlantis opened in 2004 as the second water coaster SeaWorld had obtained from Mack Rides. Over the years many of the effects stop working and the coaster/flume hybrid has gotten increasingly rougher. Worry no more, as we will discuss in this update, Journey to Atlantis will be completely re-tracked and some of its original effects will be brought back! Continue reading “Journey to Atlantis – Rebuild Update – Late November 2018”