Emperor Update – SeaWorld San Diego – December 7th, 2019

SeaWorld San Diego announced the name of their new Dive Coaster at IAAPA in late November: “Emperor“! The ride’s named after the World’s largest penguin, the Emperor Penguin. Let’s take a look at the construction of 153 feet tall 2020 Dive Coaster coming to the West Coast. Continue reading “Emperor Update – SeaWorld San Diego – December 7th, 2019”

Disneyland Resort Update – August 28th, 2019

Preston: It’s the tail-end of summertime here in Southern California, which means plenty of Disneyland trips to pack in! This week, we’re back with another update for you guys. Today’s feature will have an in-depth look at the new Pixar Pals Parking Structure and ongoing construction that is taking place with the Magic Way Pedestrian Bridge. We also are going to see the beginnings of the new hub area that will connect the Pixar Pals and Mickey and Friends Parking Structure, and we are going to check out some Avengers Campus (OFFICIAL NAME!!!) construction. We got a chance to check out a fun after-hours AP opportunity too. Let’s go!

Continue reading “Disneyland Resort Update – August 28th, 2019”

Six Flags Great Adventure Trip Report – Late April, 2019

Sean: Are you all ready for the next adventure? A Great Adventure, if I may? This week’s out-of-state trip brought us to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. Home to trend-setters and record breakers such as El Toro and Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure has one of the world’s best coaster lineups. Let’s see what we thought of the park’s operations and rides! Continue reading “Six Flags Great Adventure Trip Report – Late April, 2019”