Icon – Blackpool Pleasure Beach VS Wicker Man – Alton Towers

Sven: We just came back from the UK trip of 2018 for theme park fans: Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Alton Towers. These two big parks both opened a brand new coaster this year and so we could not resist paying them a visit. But which one of the two is the best according to us: Icon or Wicker Man? Continue reading “Icon – Blackpool Pleasure Beach VS Wicker Man – Alton Towers”

Phantasialand Update – F.L.Y. and Rookburgh – September 5th & 6th

Sven: During a little break on our European Tour, we want to share this update with you guys regarding Rookburgh and more importantly, F.L.Y. ! The world’s first launched flying coaster is well on its way and during our visit, they added some new towers! Check it out, right here.  Continue reading “Phantasialand Update – F.L.Y. and Rookburgh – September 5th & 6th”

Highlander at Hansa-Park – The World’s Highest Gyro Drop Tower

Hold on tight cause you’re about to drop deep in Hansa-Park! The German theme park is going high once more after the construction of Schwur des Kärnan, one of Europe’s highest coasters. This time, it’s a thrill ride and not just any: Highlander! Continue reading “Highlander at Hansa-Park – The World’s Highest Gyro Drop Tower”

10 Coasters That Should Be RMC’d (And 10 That Shouldn’t)

Alexander: Here at Coaster Kings, we like to fantasize about how things could be. We like imagining how things could be better (or at least different), especially when it comes to coaster performance.

By now, pretty much every enthusiast has had a “this needs to be RMC’d” moment when riding a wooden coaster that isn’t what it could be, but in the wake of a baker’s dozen Rocky Mountain Coasters Iron Horse projects since 2011’s game-changing New Texas Giant, the conversation has changed.

Continue reading “10 Coasters That Should Be RMC’d (And 10 That Shouldn’t)”

Freizeitpark Plohn Reveals Dynamite Layout!

Sean: Freizeitpark Plohn is located in Lengenfeld, Germany, and is home to five roller coasters. This amusement park is well known for their adorable action-packed GCI wooden coaster “El Toro“, but will soon be known around the world for their new coaster “Dynamite“. Dynamite is the second Mack Rides Big Dipper and Freizeitpark Plohn just revealed the layout!  Continue reading “Freizeitpark Plohn Reveals Dynamite Layout!”

Ride Review: Excalibur – Movie Park Germany

Henri: Excalibur: Secrets of the Dark Forest has a long history. All started back in 1996, when Warner Bros. Movie World Germany opened its gates. Our older fans will remember the attraction as Die unendliche Geschichte, themed after the famous german novel from Michael Ende. Everything changed in 2005, when the park got a big retheming. Mystery River could never live up to the fame that “Die unendliche Geschichte” had. 2018 is the big year for the classic Intamin Rapid River. Same attraction – new theming. Can Excalibur live up to the fame of the Warner Bros. Version? – let’s find out.

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Toverland Update – Fenix and Port Laguna – July 9th 2018

Sven: Get ready for a magical update! In the Netherlands, there is blooming theme park that really stepped up its game with the opening of not one, but two new themed areas. But most importantly, in one of those areas, there is big brand new coaster that’s deliciously fun. A few days after opening, we visited Fenix at Toverland! Continue reading “Toverland Update – Fenix and Port Laguna – July 9th 2018”