Halloween Sneak Peek at Bellewaerde Park!

When your home park invites you to come and see what they have in store for Halloween, then we can’t say no! The cozy and adorable Bellewaerde Park in Belgium has got everything ready to celebrate Halloween from October 10th until November 8th! A coronaproof event for the family you’d want to see! Continue reading “Halloween Sneak Peek at Bellewaerde Park!”

Bellewaerde Park – Riding Wakala – July 2020

Sven: The Belgian parks got green lit to open on July 1st. What park did we choose to visit first? Well, only Bellewaerde opened with a new coaster this year so that made it easy to choose. You might not have heard of this sister park to Walibi Belgium, Walibi Holland and Parc Astérix but well, here’s your chance to discover the mini Busch Gardens/Animal Kingdom of Belgium.

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