Europa-Park Update – Winter Season – December 2018

Sven: This might be my final theme park of the year but what a way to end it. Europa-Park in winter was a first for me, but pretty sure it won’t be my last. Get ready for a Rulantica update, Piraten von Batavia update and Christmas atmosphere in of the world’s best theme parks! Continue reading “Europa-Park Update – Winter Season – December 2018”

10 Coasters That Should Be RMC’d (And 10 That Shouldn’t)

Alexander: Here at Coaster Kings, we like to fantasize about how things could be. We like imagining how things could be better (or at least different), especially when it comes to coaster performance.

By now, pretty much every enthusiast has had a “this needs to be RMC’d” moment when riding a wooden coaster that isn’t what it could be, but in the wake of a baker’s dozen Rocky Mountain Coasters Iron Horse projects since 2011’s game-changing New Texas Giant, the conversation has changed.

Continue reading “10 Coasters That Should Be RMC’d (And 10 That Shouldn’t)”