Disneyland Resort Update – April 8th 2015

IMG_2777 (Large)We’re still expanding our Disneyland Resort coverage, and we’re working hard on making it a more frequent thing. We’ve got to start somewhere! Here’s our new update! We actually have another one coming soon, so you ought to stay tuned. Here’s this update, with lots of Diamond Celebration, refurbishments, ex-Condor Flats, some Matterhorn, and much more!

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5 Disneyland Facts You May Not Know!

20140603_094720 (Large)Disneyland. Claimed to be the ‘Happiest Place On Earth’. Every child wants to go there, and pretty much any adult in the state of California has been there. Many even grew up with it. Disneyland. The theme-park that set the standards for modern-day amusement parks, and is arguably the world’s most famous theme-park. Now what do people not know about Disneyland … Here are 5 Disneyland facts you may not know! Continue reading “5 Disneyland Facts You May Not Know!”